Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Unless you absolutely have to.

DO NOT MOVE WITH CHILDREN. If you ever thought moving was hard. Just try doing it with a couple little ones in tow. Um, that will give you a real slap in the face. Honestly. Since we are in a new place, there obviously hasn't been time for child proofing. So when the movers start coming in with boxes and things, they get into everything. All of it. Nothing is off limits. They don't know what to do with themselves, and without a doubt will get into the path of a mover carrying something large that has obstructed his view. Of course mommy spots her little one in the way and nearly trips and falls jumping into action to thwart disaster.

UGH! It's not been fun this move. Of course this is my first time moving, as a mommy. And they don't get the routine that you need to just play in the room and out of the way. Nope.

So we still had not done the final walk through inspection on our place prior to the movers arriving to unload. Instead they both showed up at the same time. My husband goes off with the realtor, and lucky duck that I am, I ended up with our household inventory that must be checked off, box by box. As the movers came in, I quickly became overwhelmed and panicked all at once. I heard one man yell out, "doscientos setenta ocho" and then quickly followed by, "ciento cincuenta nueve". I think to myself, crap. I heard 8, did he say 8? I think it was, and then the other one ciento, 100?? Oh my gaaawww...... wait. where are they going? I don't speak Spanish, for the love of... please stop. OMG...OMG..... como se dice.... "NO ENTIENDO!!!" And they stopped. For I spoke Spanish, and proclaimed that I did not understand. One man showed me the box. I checked off the number, the other said it really slowly. Yeah that helped. NOT. He said each number slowly. Dos, siete, ocho. Better. I do know my numbers in Spanish, just not at the speed with which they were calling them out. Also, I have to think about the larger ones. I can't just process it so quickly. I can't believe my dh wasn't helping me with this. I mumbled under my breath, well over my breath as he wasn't there and the movers didn't speak English so it didn't matter. I hate this, I hate this, and I am so going shopping and I'm spending all of your money.

All of that fun and excitement happened on Monday. Today is Wednesday. And I am still not sleeping in our new apartment. Why, you ask? Well, the lovely darlings at the embassy had not yet approved our apartment as meeting all of the safety standards. Therefore they would not deliver our washer/dryer and most importantly our refrigerator. So we got the inspection done yesterday and the delivery of our appliances has been set for tomorrow. And looks like we will finally be free from this hotel.

The movers actually got all of our stuff unloaded on the first day. On Tuesday we spent it unpacking boxes. And rock star that I am, I unpacked 11 all by myself. Dh did man stuff. You know, with the drill. And building things, and stuff. I am totally giving myself some pats on the back. That was a lot of work.

Today I am packing up our hotel room. We have been living here for way too long, and we have more things now than when we first arrived. This should be fun. (please read with sarcasm.)

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Anonymous said...

You KNOW that I love ya tons.
Sounds like you had quite the
day! So glad that your stuff is
there and that you will soon be living in your new HOME!!!
Take care of my little ones!
Aunt V misses them hugely!
of course it goes w/o saying you and dh too!
I'm so glad that I have today to recover from work. I keep watching my arm. It feels like it aches alittle. On the good side, my thumb kinda feels better! That's what i get for sticking it in the food cart!!! OWIE!!!

Love ya tonages!
Your Sis

Susan said...

Oh my! I sure hope things get much better very soon.
Hopefully you will be able to look back on this someday and....laugh???

Chelle said...

Oh, hon, I hope things get better soon!
Moving sucks, no doubt about that one :(
Have fun spending you honey's money though :) Hehehe :)

Dorky Dad said...

Now you tell me.

I moved twice with a little one, once halfway across the country. NOT EASY!

Good luck!