Monday, August 25, 2008

Some new things around here.

Today we had some guys come over to build stuff. First you buy it, then you schedule an appointment to have it delivered. And if you think that your cable guy coming sometime between 8 am to 1 pm was bad, get a load of the fact that these furniture delivery people would like you to keep available a time frame of between 8 am until 8 pm. Yes, you read correctly. They may come sometime before breakfast or just before you get ready for bed. But just because you receive your shiny new furniture, don't think it's going to look all pretty. No sirreee Bob. What these folks are here to do is drop off a bunch of boxes. No more, no less. Now, it might be entirely convenient to try to schedule your furniture assembly for the same day as your delivery. But it doesn't work like that. When you buy furniture, it doesn't already come pre-assembled. You get it in a box, with a thousand screws and 67 pieces of weird hardware and clamps and hinges and stuff. And foam, there is always an ungodly amount of foam in these boxes too. Once you receive your boxes of furniture, you must schedule the assembly man (or woman) to come out. Once they finally do come out, they zip through the assembly with lightning speed and leave a pile of crumbled peanuts, foam and packing materials and chewed up cardboard in their wake. Or most importantly, in the middle of your home where little kids are ready and chomping at the bit to run through and jump in and play in it. Why? Why do kids do this? Don't they remove their packaging? Again, no more and no less. That's just good customer service and they aren't all about that here in Chile. At least I haven't seen any yet.

OK, despite that. I cleaned up the mess and took some pictures to share. I have a question for my readers. Please help me decide what to do with the chairs at my table. The first picture shows the chairs spaced out quite a bit because of the wide base legs of the table. Does it look better like this? The chairs can be pushed all the way in here. And you see more of the rug.

Or do you think it looks better with the chairs slightly pulled out? They can't be pushed in all the way, but at least they are more in the center. What do you think? Honestly?

Same way, but side view. You can see how far the chairs are pulled out.

This is a picture of the buffet we got to match. We are planning on hanging a mirror over it soon. I need an extra set of hands, or this would have been done tonight.

Last but not least, we also purchased this cabinet of sorts. Right now it is in the entryway. Not sure if we are going to leave it here or move it into the dining room. I didn't use to be a fan of dark wood, but after living with a natural wood bedroom set for 5 years I'm kind of aching for a change. So there you have it. My new dark wood dining room set, buffet and cabinet.

"Take a pitcha of me mommy!"

"Now one on my moto." No. She's not bossy at all. (being facetious here.) Actually her moto, is Eddie's motorcycle but she likes to say it in Spanish. And she's in Eddie's room. Because somehow playing in your brother's room is fun. Either that or it makes him mad when you play with his toys!

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Susan said...

8 pm...really? Unbelievable.
Love the furniture. I think I have those exact same chairs and I love them. As far as the arrangement of them goes, I like the pulled out look better, but the other is not bad if it makes it more comfortable to sit down.
Enjoy the new stuff!

Susie said...

Everything looks really, really good. Now, I want a new set!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments today.

Chelle said...

Oh my gosh. I LOVE your furniture!! It's gorgeous!

PS-I like the pulled out look

Mamasphere said...

Pulled out! They're going to end up pulled out anyway, with the kids being there. Might as well space them evenly, lol.

The all day waiting is the same in Brasil- they just assume the wife or maid will be home so it's no big deal.

Sabrina said...

Love nice furniture... Specially, This baby room furniture is amazing!!

Steph T. said...

Did you make a decision? I must have missed this post, since I can't get my nose out of the books to read what I'm used to reading...blogs!

I too like the "pulled out look" - I have 8 chairs with our table, but since there are only 3 or 4 of us, I have 4 at the table 2 at the bar (because we have one) and two "by" the table for when we have company. Don't know if you have those options, but thought I'd throw it out.

It looks beautiful though. I really like the dark wood (probably for the same reason you chose it...we have all light oak).

Anonymous said...

I like the second picture, pulled out. I see what you mean about seeing more of the carpet on the first one..

At our house, all chairs MUST be pushed in ~ as the dog will jump up on them and gain access to the table.. yes, scary isn't it????

don't want little doggie to fall off! lol
Pics look GREAT!!!

Your Sis