Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mail is good.

Today dh went to the post office. I personally would have gone myself, but alas, I do not have a car. And the post office is no longer in walking distance of where we live. So when he got home from work, he had a package for me. I was a bit puzzled, because I was expecting at least 3 maybe 4. But he went over to his laptop bag and started pulling things out like it was Christmas! I got quite a few!

Here are some of my recent online purchases from New York and Company. First up I bought a brown cardigan button down sweater, with the tank shown in the next picture.

I figured that this color looks much better with the brown. So that's what I got.

Also got this heather gray 3/4 sleeve twist front tee.

And then there were these very cute, must have ankle pants. I got them in black...

And in sand color.

And I'm quite sure this one is my favorite.

Although I bought these things looking at only these pictures, amazingly enough everything fits perfectly! I gave dh a mini fashion show. He too is pleased with the purchases. I guess I kind of had to show him what was in all those bags. Oh and I also got a textured coin necklace from Banana Republic, but I can't get an online pic because they are sold out! Also my camera battery is being recharged right now. Trust me, it's cute!

Oh and a bit of news about our car. It has reached the port this past weekend. Let's see how long it takes for them to get all the "paperwork" taken care of and for them to release it to us. Not going to hold my breath though.

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Karen said...

Oooh! Cute stuff! I suppose you didn't have a ton of cold weather stuff in your wardrobe, coming from AZ, huh? It is official, next time you are in Chicago or I am in Chile (not likely, but you never know) we will have to do some shopping! I like your style! :)

Dawn said...

Cute clothes! I love the last shirt!

lynn said...

Cute stuff. I can never shop for clothes online. Nothing ever fits right.
Thanks for stopping by WI today on your BATW tour!

Susan said...

Great purchases! Good luck with the whole car situation. Hope it goes faster than you expect.

Steph T. said...

I'm sure the hubby thought you looked HOT - seriously cute clothes!

Officially...jealous again!

Gina said...

Cute clothes. I would need to order the body too. Do bodies ship well? Do they have a problem with those at customs?

Thanks for making my BATW day so special.

Chelle said...

Ohhh honey I love the clothes!! That is one of my favorite stores.
Good luck with your car! Hopefully it will go through quick!!

Mamasphere said...

You got some really cute stuff! And are so lucky that it all fit perfectly. Can you imagine having to return things from Chile?

My husband doesn't mind when I spend money on myself because I hardly ever do. I always feel guilty about it until I see his smile as I model things for him.

Carol said...

Lovely new things.

That grey top is so gorgoeus.

Now I have an online shopping itch that needs scratching, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Very Nice new duds!
I like them ~ a lot!!!

Good shopping as ALWAYS!!!

Debbie said...

Ok. Now I need to go shopping. Ugh. Looking at all that cute stuff...but that means I have to try it on. I hate that ;)

Just wanted to let you know I want to take BATW international next week. Are you up for it? Click on my profile and send me an email so we discuss the details!

Gramma 2 Many said...

Cute clothes. It has been years since I could squeeze my body into anything that looks like that.
Thanks so much for coming to visit me Monday for my BATW day. It is taking me so long to thank everyone because I have to stop and read every blog.
I hope you will be back. I will certainly check in you on your featured day.
Thanks again.

Kori said...

Very cute purchases ya got there.

I love the name of your blog. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday.

Aubrey said...

Ok, first off I have to say your kiddos are BEAUTIFUL! This is my first time visiting your blog and I can't wait to read more about you!

Also, I love NY&Co. too! The stuff you picked out is great!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today for a little taste of Colorado! Come back anytime!

Kristy said...

Wow, I love the clothes. I have never shopped there, but I am going to check it out. Love your blog. :)