Friday, August 29, 2008


Before I had kids. I had a cat. He is the coolest cat. Even people who hated cats, told me that this cat was different. He was cool. But I already knew that.

There was this one time, that I had dated a guy. He looked a little bit like this movie star guy:

And then this guy came over. He took one look at my cat. He started to sneeze. And then he said, "Babe. This cat has got to go." And that was the end. I said goodbye to Mr. Hottie who looked like Matthew Mcconaughey. (because seriously, he did.)

Have you seen my cat? His name is Corona. We used to hang out together. All. The. Time.

And we watched TV together, and we slept together. (dh didn't like that so much)
He followed me everywhere. Like really. Every. Where. My dh used to joke that the cat is so far up my butt he didn't know where I ended and the cat began. (mom, I'm not making that up). Sometimes when I walked up the stairs, I would change my mind and come back, just to see if he would follow me. He did. Always. Going to the kitchen? Not a bad idea. Bathroom? Of course. Bedroom? Not without me you don't. Just going for a walk? Me too. Answering the phone? Don't leave me here with him.
When I left Miami to take a safer path from an impending hurricane, he went too.
We surfed the net together. OK, I did most of the surfing, he was just there for warmth and support, and approval of the shoes I might select. Or if you can see the screen, I was on a pregnancy website! (in a hotel.... those aren't my sheets or comforter!)

He never fussed when I would dress him up for Christmas.

And then when I got pregnant, he let me dress him up in Eddie's
new clothes. I had to practice right? He was such a good sport!
(I washed the clothes before I put them on my newborn! I'm just saying..... )
Not only is he the best cat ever, he was soooo good to the kids.
Here is Miss Alexa in Oct. 2006 at 6 weeks old.

And then of course, here he is with Eddie. The tough kid who
was at times (too many times) a little too rough on sweet Corona.

I miss my cat. Really.I do. And I was just thinking about him lately. If you are at all tuned in with what's going on in the world, then you probably know that the housing market sucks. We own a home in Arizona. And because we were unable to sell it before coming here, we rented it.
So we let the renters take care of my beloved kitty. I've been thinking a lot about him lately. And wishing he were here. I hope they give him back to me. I mean, they will right? I am certain dh doesn't care if they keep him. But I do.
I actually wish he were here now. Now that we are all settled in. It doesn't seem the same without him. Eddie has been asking for a dog. I keep thinking of Corona. I wonder if my brother can go over and get him and send him to us.
But then again that might be wrong. Maybe it's not fair to my kitty. The plane ride would be stressful. And that's just selfish. And maybe I should just leave him where he is at for the time being. At least he is being well cared for. The lady is a cat lover. She was overjoyed to take care of him. But I don't want her to get too attached.
Just thinking about my key-key. Miss you Corona!!!

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Susan said...

I am so sad for you. I can't believe your renters are taking care of your cat. That would worry me to death, unless I knew them, which maybe you do. Hope they are taking good care of him.
By the way, when I lived in Miami I lived in Coral Gables and South Miami. My uncle lives in Pembroke Pines.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, we just have to have faith that they will treat Corona well and GIVE. HIM. BACK. upon your return.

Remember, we just live 1 street over from your Corona baby!

Sorry you miss your 1st baby!!

Love ya
Your Sis

Dawn said...

Awwwww my heart breaks for you about the kitty! I am so attached to my cats and couldn't imagine having to make that decision. I hope they will give him back. I would sure ask, just to see.

Kelly said...

This might sound weird, but do you ever call to say hello to him? That would let the renters know you are serious about having him back and in some way might make you feel a little better and I'm sure he would love to hear your voice.
We went through the pain of giving our cats away due to my son't allergies, it was absoulutely heart wrenching!

Tamie said...

hey, if you've had a pet that long (and you've had him for a loooong time) you just feel empty w/out a good friend like corona...enjoy the memories and demand an update from your renters in AZ...and to send pictures (proof that corona is still around!)

The Mrs. said...

If it were me I'd send the cat care packages but I'm strange like that. Then they'd know you want him back! But I'm sure even without him getting mail they know how much he means to you.

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by to check in on me! I really appreciate it!!

oº˚ Anissa ˚ºo said...

Thanks for stopping by! We are sitting and waiting while the first rain bands of Gustav draws near. It it pretty calm right now with some wind gust. Will continue to update my blog on the storm until we lose power. Much Love to You All From Queen Bee!

~Janet~ said...

Great blog! I'm here visiting from AL. I can't believe you left your cat in AZ!! Don't you think he misses you? I am sure he would be cool with the flight!