Sunday, August 17, 2008

So here I sit.

All alone. In this rather large apartment up oh some 15 stories. Yeah. Tall building, if I haven't mentioned it before. Dh is gone. Um, yeah, gone. As in, thanks to his job. They make him do that sort of thing. T. D. Y. they call it, temporary duty, for those of you not savvy with the lingo of Air Force speak. So he left today and I'm here with the kids.

It's quiet. Man, did I just type that? It's in the 9 o'clock hour. And mommy soo rocks right now. Adhering to a bed time schedule for the little ones is awesome. And sometimes it's just downright hard to do given the fact that this is only our 3rd night in this new apartment. They both went down with little fuss. I got them miniature lanterns at Walmart before we left. As soon as they fall asleep, I go in to their rooms and turn them off. I am a bit surprised that they are cooperating with bed time. Surprised, but happy.

Ah, the peace. Dh is going to be gone until Thursday, so I'm glad it's not a terribly long trip. I am not too fond of being left alone in a strange country. Because folks, it is strange. But I will manage. I'm very close to the mall.

What? I am! And you know, it's just beckoning for me to come and visit. Oh, you know what else? I just hooked up our Vonage phone. It's the coolest thing. If you don't know what it is, you use the internet connection to hook up your phone. And it's insanely cool, because we got ours hooked up before we left the states. I still have an Arizona telephone number! My family and friends can call me without having to make an international call. It's great! We also saved a bunch of money when we switched phone services, it's pretty inexpensive. I highly recommend them.

Alright, so what are my options the next few days? I could take a taxi over to the embassy. I have to go over there to pick up my mail. For the Americans assigned duty to Santiago they have a diplomatic PO box there for us. So it's nice, but not a 5 minute walk like when we were staying in the hotel. I have some packages I have been waiting for. 1 being The Gap. 2 is from NY and Company. 3 is from and the Best Buy purchase I made tonight won't be here for a bit, but the others are pretty worthy of a trip. Yes, yes, I like to shop. I can't help it. I am ever so thankful that those lovely retailers had enough foresight to include shipping to military APO/FPO addresses. Phew! I don't know what I would do.

My other options are cleaning, which is never fun. But always a must with two little crumb snatchers around. More shopping, oh did I say that already? And then unpacking. Which, I think needs to happen, whether I really want to or not.

Alright, enough bloggy time. My eyes are starting to glaze over from staring at the screen. Must go and enjoy the quiet.

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THopgood said...

We have vonage too! We love it!

Go shopping...and then show us what you bought!


Chelle said... online is how I survived living in Turkey lol! I just bought some cute things from NY & Co, too!
Glad you are getting some much deserved quiet in your new home :)
But sorry your honey is tdy...Leo leaves in a month, so I understand!