Saturday, October 18, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Absolutely nothing. I had a weak moment while we were at the store today. As I LOVE chocolate, I felt strongly curious to find out just how these donuts would compare to donuts that look very similar to some made and sold by my favorite grocery store ever, Publix. If you aren't familiar with Publix, well, that's just sad. I think Publix absolutely rules in the grocery department. Now, I haven't been all over the United States to check, but I have been around to quite a few states, and there isn't even one grocery store that comes close. That's just my humble opinion though. Alright, back to my donut experiment.

After lunch I was extremely eager for my first bite. So when I chomped down on the donut, I was a bit confused. And I don't usually get confused when eating anything chocolate or sweet. It just doesn't happen. Except for today. The message that my taste buds were sending to my brain were confusing what my expectations had set forth for what I should be experiencing. In essence, I was quite sure that the bakers in the bakery do not know what they are doing. How can you screw up a perfectly good donut? How? Let's just put it this way:

I had to cut the top of the donut off, to finish eating it. I took two bites to make sure that I got the right message, that it was not good. I think it may go even a bit beyond that, because really, is there such a thing as bad chocolate? Why yes. Yes, there is. And I've found it. They have some right here in Santiago, in the bakery section of a store called Tottus. Stay away from anything that appears to look good, covered in chocolate. It's a trick. It wasn't even sweet. It was bitter. And then bland. And then yucky. In that order. I've never had to butcher a donut in order to make it taste better. The whole idea of a donut is that the taste is so good, that you cannot control your urges and you want another and then another.

There was no yearning for a second with this little gem. In fact, I think I might have preferred eating a small bowl of mushrooms. (I dislike mushrooms.) I gave Eddie a half of one. He didn't mind so much. But then again, he eats sand sometimes. What does he know?

Alright, here's another shot from today. I didn't take any pictures of my car, or tooling around town in it. I actually forgot the camera when we left. I'm just brilliant that way, I know. Trust me, there will be a few more opportunities to snap some shots from the car, before I'm up and outta this town, so stay tuned.

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Elizabeth said...

talk about adorable kids...look at that great hair! thanks for stopping by my place...i'll be back as well!

Caitlin said...

Yay for finally getting your car!! I know that you must be so happy right now!!

Love the new pics of the kiddos! They are too cute!

Sorry about the Fake donut, that is disappointing..

Love ya tons!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Not nice to fool a chocolate lover is it? I can not begin to understand that donut.
Glad you got your car. Know we will be receiving some great photos--put them on the website so I can order prints for my albums.
Did Bernie arrive today?
Tenants move out at 6 am in the morning. Will give new tenants keys tonite w/receipt for $$.
Love ya;
Mom in Tucson

Anonymous said...


Yucky donut
New Tenants
Your Car

No Bernie ~ sad about that. Hope he finds his bag.. bummer BIG TIME

Love the pic of Miss Lacka!

Hope tomorrow is better...

Put clean clothes and wipes in your car.. You have it now, prepare it Mommy style! lol

Love ya
Your Sis

Mama Smurf said...

That's just a damn shame. Just goes to show...can't judge a book by it's cover...or in this case...a donut by it's topping...

Julie said...

That donut looked soooo good!

Julie said...

That donut looked soooo good!

Shannon said...

Well, it sure did LOOK good... now I'm hankerin' for one!

Maybe not that one, but a chocolate covered donut...

And a Publix just opened up close to me! I've been there twice and I love it!

Mamasphere said...

Brasil doesn't know donuts, either. But that one you got? That is beyond awful! Yuck!