Saturday, October 11, 2008

My yesterday.

3 cups of hot tea
2 cups of hot lemon, honey flavored water. No kidding, this was the best tasting water ever.
3 doses of ther-flu like drugs
and some glorious sleep.

I got what I sooooooo deserved, and my dh gets BIG TIME brownie points for this one. When his alarm woke us all up at 6 a.m. I looked over at him and asked, pleaded really, with him to stay home with us. He deliberated for a moment, maybe longer... And then he said Yes!!!

I haven't had a sick day like this since I lived with my mom. Or, maybe since before I had children. Dh even took the kids with him to run errands to the bank (the dollar is at 630 by the way, WHOO!!) and to the post office. So I got to lay around, sleep and have peace and quiet.

So good. I deserved it. And then our maid cooked us some meatball soup. Oh. My. That was delicious. And when we ran out of my favorite tea, she made me flavored water. Who knew it could taste so good?

So to update you guys who might be wondering about our possible tenants, the person who initially had interest, decided that he did not want the house after all. So I reposted our ad on Craigslist and got a few more bites. 2 couples came to look at the house yesterday and they both want it. One of them wants it right away, and the other, not for a month. So of course we want to go with the one who can start paying right now. They haven't signed the contract yet, I just found this information out last night.

And then my mother (wonderful lady that she is) got me something from my favorite kids store. The Children's Place, which is having an additional 30% off sale. If you have kids, you should check them out, they have cute stuff.

Mini back-packs for the kids. I love them! So thank you mom, I think the kids will be so happy to get these. Wish I could have been there. I'm sure we would have left the store with more. But then again, you know how I am! ;)

Oh and I think we may be getting our car next week. The civil registry office is back to work. And they already have our paperwork requesting license plates. (the last step in the process before they release it to us.) I can't wait!

Also, I am feeling a bit better today. I'm quite sure it is because I wasn't chasing after kids all day long, and I got to lay down and rest. I even got to watch Grey's Anatomy laying in bed, from my laptop. Seriously, laptops are the coolest things ever invented.

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Mrs. Newlywed said...

I am glad you are starting to feel better.

Those packs are adorable!

Kat said...

Sometimes you just have to do that. Because if you are not functioning then a lot of other things aren't either. I have had Michael stay home a few times because I was sick. But what I really recall is when the kids were both pretty small...calling him at work and demanding that he come home because they were being so bad that I just couldn't deal with them anymore!

Susan said...

So glad you got your sick day! That husband of yours definitely deserves an award for taking the kids off your hands so you could get better and rest.
I love the new quotes you put up from the kids...hilarious!!! Gotta love that potty humor!

Shannon said...

Oh, what a good husband to do that! Glad you got to have your sick day and recuperate!