Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's Saturday, do you know where your kitty is??

I am happy to report that Corona has officially been rescued from our tenants! He was retrieved last night from my house and my brother now has feline custody. Lol~ I'm so happy! When he got home, we called over there and I got to see him on the webcam. It's funny too. I wasn't sure if Corona would remember me. But when I called for him, and did his specific cat whistle that I used to do, he ran into the room, where I was on the computer waiting to talk to him. He's gorgeous!! I miss him. And I wish that we were going to be seeing him soon.

On another note, my mother (who is also my realtor) had an appointment with a relative of our tenant yesterday. It seems that they would like to rent our house from us. And also, within a years time, try to assume our mortgage. This is fantastic news all around. They are supposed to sign the contract today. I'm not going to hold my breath on the whole assumption thing, since our current tenant wanted to do the same thing. At least I have their security deposit to keep. I am just going to hope that these new people will pay their rent on time.

So yesterday I flat ironed Alexa's hair. I just wanted to see how long her hair truly was. I didn't take these pictures right after it was done. And I didn't use a very high setting, so it didn't truly make her hair straight. It just loosened the curls somewhat. Her hair laid down at least 2 inches past the level that her hair was at in the second picture. After she started playing and rolling all over the place, it just seemed to curl right up again. I took these pictures after she had been playing for a while. So it looks a little messy. But you guys can see how long it's gotten!

And of course, here is Eddie. To my mom, who I know is reading... I did try to get better pictures of the kids, Alexa especially with the hair, they would not sit still. It was amazing that I could get the ones I did. And it was a total fluke that Eddie cooperated enough for the fraction of a second that it took for me to snap this picture.

OK. Eddie is now asking for digger snacks. (Tonka fruit chews.) No. They don't sell them here. We have them shipped in with the help of my lovely family. (wink, wink.) Also to Laural, if you are reading, I couldn't find any feta cheese in any of the stores. We have mostly a variety of white cheeses. And to the person who asked about cheddar cheese, that's a big negative. So far, I haven't found any. Time for mommy stuff. Ciao~

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Dawn said...

Yay! Corona is back in the family! I am so attached to my cats, so I know how you must feel!! That is great news about the possible renters! I hope that works out! Love the pictures! Your kids are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Corona made it thru the night fine.
He growled a lot til he got used to his new situation. He even got up in my lap a couple of times--something entirely new for him--he used to bite me at your house. No more--it's all Mr. Nice Kitty here.
Loved the photos of my babies, Alexa's hair is really getting long. We miss those little whippersnappers!
Love ya;

Mamasphere said...

No feta? That's a shame! You know, they don't have it in Brasil, either. Or at least, the parts of Brasil that we were in. Blue cheese might be good, too, if you have that kind. When you're back in the States, you'll have to come to San Diego and I'll take you out for seasoned steak fries with feta!

Such great news about the new possible tenant! I know what you mean about waiting until everything is finalized before doing a happy dance, but is it at least for sure that they'll be renting? If so, are you back on for your trip to see family for the holidays?

Mama Smurf said...

Looks like you can even do a pony tail!

Caitlin said...

We saw your kitty baby when he was on his way to his new home. We were coming home and Uncle Pat showed us. :) Glad that he is safe and sound!

Wow! Look at her hair! It is so long!

Liked the pics of the kiddos!! We miss them tonages!!

Love ya,

kiki6363 said...

Yes, we did see Corona with Uncle Pat...

Ya know what??? Uncle Pat came to our rescue today... he helped me to get ANOTHER tire for the car.. Now, I can go to work tomorrow. tomorrow tomorrow.. it's only a day away......

Anyway, Always LOVE the pics of the kids.. her hair is getting LONGER!!! WOW..

Good night!!!
Your Sis

Chelle said...

Sweetie, that is awesome news all around! What a happy day :)

Love the pics of the little ones--I swear they are 2 of the cutest kids I have ever seen!