Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tooth issue.

Last night as I was flossing my teeth, and the floss got stuck a little between two teeth. I tugged a bit and then the floss was set free. Along with it came part of my filling. At first I thought it was a piece of food, but after further inspection I realized what it was that I was holding in my hands. Oh joy. And then when I rubbed my tongue on my teeth I could feel the ginormous hole it left. Oh wait. I am totally lying there. It was not so huge. Actually it was pretty small. (I also know that ginormous is not a real word. But since I was lying, I figure it fits right in.)

I stared at the small fragment of a filling. I felt sad. I felt un-whole. I had an immediate need to see the dentist. And I was quite certain I would not have to see one again until I made my vacation back to the states, so that I could see one who understands me, and all of my tooth issues. And certainly, if he or she was going to lecture me on my flossing habits, or for not flossing enough, then surely I would need to hear it in English to appreciate it. Right?

So this morning my dh gets a recommendation for a dentist for me, and of course schedules the appointment too. He's really handy to have around, you know, what with him being bilingual and all. We actually got the appointment for the same day. And even though it felt like a major emergency, I am totally blowing things out of proportion.

You see, I had another dream last night. This time, it wasn't about an airplane crashing out of the sky. It was about my tooth. The one where the little filling came out. In my dream, I did not go to the dentist right away, and subsequently, I lost my whole tooth. It was a disturbing dream. Disturbing, because I have a son who lost a tooth at an early age of 14 months. Also disturbing because it was in my mouth. And after thirty twenty nine years of having a rather pleasing smile, I feel insanely attached to ALL of my teeth. Apparently, my dreams are very vivid. I could see every detail, and feel every emotion as well. So when I woke up, I had to get to the mirror to assess my teeth. Thankfully, they were all there.

Now you can see why I was a little eager to get my small hole patched back up. It was an interesting dental visit. I would have to say that the dentist I met today was the first ever, in my experience, to grab me, hug me, and kiss me on the cheek. (Mucho Gusto! Mwah!) Oh, err, yeah, "mucho gusto, too", uh is that right? Oh yeah..*air kiss*. Um. Weird? Look. I get the whole custom of hugs and kisses. I do really. And I even participate, when it's expected, right? But when you are about to get your teeth hammered? Or your gums prodded? Is that right? Look, don't ask me, I'm not Chilean. Apparently it is right. I didn't mind, he just caught me off guard. The dentist was incredibly nice. And you know what? He even spoke a little English. Not perfect. But enough to understand me when I explained that I lost a tiny spec of my tooth and felt the need to call 911. (Which here is not 911, it's 133) Whatever. He got me. And he was nice too.

So. My filling is fixed. I didn't need any shots. It didn't take very long. And then afterwards we went to Friday's for a burger. Yes. It's pretty cool that they have a Friday's here. Actually, they have quite a few. The food here is more expensive than in your typical Friday's. But still tastes pretty much the same.

On another happy note, I think we may have found a renter for our house. The new tenant will sign the lease on Saturday. Trying not to count all my chickens before they've hatched, but here's to hoping.

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Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Crazy dream!
Thanks for stopping by on my BATW today.

Chelle said...

So happy they fixed your tooth! Hm...your dreams are crazy lately! Google them, what do they mean?

Wait, am I the only loser that Google's her dreams when they are a little too real?

Susan said...

Glad you got that tooth fixed. That stuff makes me nervous too.
Crazy dreams! I only have crazy dreams like that when I am pregnant.
Yay on the renter too!

Briana said...

LOL I love your blog. That is so funny about your tooth, and your dentist that hugged you! Ha!! Thanks for visiting from BATW!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that your tooth is fixed! YAY

Glad you found a friendly dentist!!

Wanted to let you know that Bath & body works only hires 18 and older!
She put in a Best Buy appl online.

So we shall see!

Well, I'm off to bed. Gotta work tomorrow!!!

Enjoy your day!

Love ya
Your Sis

Dawn said...

I'm glad you got to a dentist and he was nice!! Dentists can be so scary!! I'll keep my fingers crossed about your renters!

Mamasphere said...

What a great day for your tooth and your house in AZ! Congrats on both, lol.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got your tooth fixed.
Mine usually take a long time and a lot of money to take care of.
Your kitty is doing fine. I think he likes his new home.
He gets a saucer of milk each morning and he is waiting for it too.
Love ya;

Mama Smurf said...

Good luck with the new renters! Hope it all works out!

Anonymous said...

Ohh! We are very friendly people!

Are you used to the all kissing and hugging??

I can imagine how awkward it would be for you going to the OB if he is that friendly!!