Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I crown myself Amazing Mommy.

Because even though I feel terrible, I have read "In a People House" by Dr. Suess, 5 times. And it's only 8 o'clock. I've been a human trampoline for my children. They don't get it when I say it hurts. They just keep throwing their bodies over me, on top of me, and climbing on me as if I were a metal structure at the park. They can't contain themselves. And I don't know how to make them stop.

I've broken up one nasty fight over the baby potty. Alexa has claimed it as hers. Yet on an occasion or two, Eddie will use it. He mostly uses the big potty. But today, he felt the need for the little one. It got ugly for a little while, but I had to side with the child who wasn't yet pee trained and let her have the baby potty to herself.

Oh yeah, and breakfast. I made breakfast too. Because I'm that good. And if I don't do it, who else will?

So today I crown myself Amazing. When the mommy feels sick, she must go way above and beyond any normal duties, because it is on days like these that she truly shines. I'm just patting my back here, because I'm sure my dh is blissfully unaware.

Now I have to go get my naked daughter dressed. She disrobed during the construction of this post. Please feel free to get back to your regular web surfing.

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Chelle said...

You ARE an amazing momma! I'm sorry you aren't feeling well, sweetie!

But way to go on still being super-mom!!

Mamasphere said...

If you let her run naked in the house, then you don't have to worry about re-dressing her 10 times before noon.

Here's another pat on the back for being such a great mom!

m said...

Fantastic! I have three, not so little kids...I love this. :)

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

You go Amazing Mom!!! You DO rock...

And yeah - that trampoline thing... i wish they would stop that.

Anonymous said...

Awww My poor Seeester!!

I'm sorry you feel yucky!

YAY on being a super MOM..
but it is what it is..

Your kids are lucky!
It will always be that way.

Moms really do make the world

We never get time off for being sick, we still have to care, love, be interested and support those little lives that we brought into the world.. There is NO ONE like Momma!

Love ya
Your Sis

Susan said...

You do deserve an award. Just functioning as a mommy when you are sick is hard, much less cooking, breaking up fights and being a human trampoline.
Hope you feel better soon!

Dawn said...

I hope you feel better soon! And I refuse to be a trampoline! No thanks! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Baby;
Sorry you don't feel well today but know what I think?
"Hot dog, everything is normal" over at your house.
That's my motto when everything hits the fan.
Love ya;

Shannon said...

You are an amazing mommy!

Too bad us moms don't get sick days... that would be AWESOME.

Hope you are feeling better!