Thursday, May 22, 2008

My back hurts.

We've been sleeping on a futon that has a sizable indentation on one side. Dh tried sleeping there, but he was complaining that his back hurt too much. Now I'm sleeping there. I think pretty much because women are stronger than men. And we can hang much better. What I mean by that, is to perform everyday tasks with a smile, or even a frown without constantly complaining. Complaining about yourself, and how wounded you are. And how much the world should feel sad because you were the one to sleep in the "hole". But no, I'm not going to complain all day. I will just state a simple fact. My back hurts.

Just a little while ago, Eddie was playing Superman and he ran out of the room only to come back within 1 minute with a bloody knee. Luckily I had just bought a first aid kit with bandaids and neosporin. Ah Spongebob bandaids. They are pretty great. But he was funny afterwards, he's walking like he might have sprained his ankle, or knee. He has a limp now. All because of spongebob.

My kids are as rambunctious today as they are every day. I've been watching them run into the living room, and back through the dining room, and then into the kitchen to find nana and tito(my parents). I think we are going to venture out into the world today. Not that I have big plans, but I'm a little tired of being stuck at the house all day. I'm used to having a car and going somewhere. Every day. I like to be doing things. And not having something to do is kind of out of character for me. I like to be busy. And I miss work too. In a way I wish I was at least going to be able to work down there when we get there. That could give me a break from the chaos.

And right now, in my life, with my two children, there is chaos. I've never seen two more active children. Lovely, amusing, funny, but active. Eddie is refusing naps right now. But on occasion he will wear himself down to the point where he collapses into a deep sleep. Those days are nice. Because when he sleeps, it seems that the world is at peace once again.

I'm a little weary of the days where he is punching his Uncle and deaf to our demands that he quit. I'm weary of his shoving his sister to the point where she falls, gets hurt and cries. It happens way too often. He's a wild child, so yeah, it's nice when he sleeps. I miss Miss Tricia. I miss Eddie going to daycare. He used to sleep there. Every day. And I know he didn't beat the other kids to a pulp. He is very abusive to my brother and I can't figure out why. I just wish he would stop.

So, we have 4 nights left here at my parents house before we move over to the hotel on base. We won't even be able to get our luggage into the car, it won't fit. And I am not sure what we will do when my step-kids get here. That's 2 more bodies. And currently our car is a Volkswagen Jetta.
((Seriously rolling on the floor and laughing about the idea of it)) *sigh* We will cross that bridge when we get to it.

So, my little monkeys are eating Cheerios, and running around the house with plastic spoons pretending to make cheeseburgers for myself and my father. They cost $2 dollars, sometimes $5. All of this is happening while Oliver is playing in the background. Eddie has taken an interest in musicals such as this one and Annie. I think we've seen Annie like 20 times since we've been staying here. I woke up one night singing The sun will come out, tomorrow..........

Time to get dressed. No doubt they will need someone or something to entertain them in a few more minutes when this gets old. It's amazing that I am able to get a shower in everyday.

Can't believe I'm going to another country in 23 days!