Saturday, May 24, 2008

20 days, 20 hours and 38 minutes.....

Not that I'm counting or anything. But I'm really starting to get excited. I miss my stuff. I miss having my own room. But what I really miss is having a nice safe place for the kids to bounce off the walls, if they so choose.

We have to re-pack our things. We are basically living out of suitcases. And that's weird. Another weird thing is that I am in love with my laptop. And dh is really putting a crimp in that relationship. As he wants to come in between me and stripe. We are quite close. But just the other day, I got a piece of fantastic and wonderful news. Dh is being issued his own personal laptop, by the government. YAY!! This is beyond awesome. It has wi-fi. ((soooo cool!)) So once dh goes and picks it up, he will then go play on his own computer! lol~

Strange things happen to you once you move, live with your parents, share a room with your children or even run out of Coke products. All of these things can make a person get quite nutty.

So, I don't have much time to post. I need to supervise the munchkins in the other room. The screams are getting quite loud. I'm sure they aren't really hurting each other just yet, but they are irritating one another. And Miss Alexa just spilled large amounts of water all over the tile. That's my cue. Mommy duties need to start.

Speaking of that...... where is dh????????