Saturday, May 10, 2008


First of all, let me just start by saying that that is not me. Although it may be highly similar to what you might picture once I actually move down south to our new beach front location, it's just not me. Along with the move and the possibility of my second child being potty trained also, the happy leap into the lovely clouds might also be accompanied by a back handspring. Or two.

I'm standing beside myself with sheer pleasure. I never thought that the sight of human excrement could make a grown adult feel so pleased. It is just so much more than that! But as my brother pointed out, it is highly amusing to think about a house full of grown adults grinning and clapping for my now three year old child who has finally grasped the concept. No. Not only grasped the concept, but I do believe he has mastered it. I think I may be a tad premature in saying it, but since he is a smart kid, I think I'm going to go ahead and go out on that limb. By George, I do think he has it. He has just been a little pig headed, stubborn, and basically down right defiant when it comes to moving his bowels. ( isn't that just like a little man for ya?? It has been his own private thing for 3 long years. And he wasn't ready to just flush it down the commode. Not for me, not for balloons or mega block construction trucks with little men (even wearing a hard hat) that sat on top of our refrigerator until just days before the movers came. Nope. No siree bob. But my little guy, the stinker that he is, he really just did not enjoy cleaning his own poop. From his own behind. Yup. Mean mommy that I am, I actually made him get his butt into the bathroom and clean up his own mess.

Now to many of you, the mere thought of that can just be downright horrifying. In fact I was a bit terrified of the possible outcomes. I prepared myself with gloves, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and flushable wipes. Anyway, to spare you the details, he did the deed. And it wasn't as bad as we all know it could have been. He was too afraid to get any of it on his hands, his legs or his feet. He followed this incident up with a bath, and I promptly cleaned everything around the area. He told me that he didn't want to do it again. The next day was when he went on the potty. He took himself. Oh, and he likes his privacy. So we have to crack the door. When he's all finished we get to come and inspect the prize and help clean up. So far I'm one happy momma!

Today he asked for a balloon. I told him I would get him one. Just because it's still all so new. We have about 35 days left for it to really sink in. I know I've read and heard about kids who regress. I'm praying that he really just doesn't. I don't know why. No. That's not true. I don't want to clean up poop in the underwear. That's why. I just hope that he's different. We are moving to another country. We are staying in hotels. We don't have a new house yet. I don't even know what foreign diapers look like, or even how much they cost. But I want at least one of my kids to totally get this. And keep it going. Wish us luck!

And even though this day started off a little rough, it certainly didn't end that way. Like I said, I'm ecstatic!My kid can poop on the potty! What a big thing! It's like he was just born the other day. And then all of a sudden he's walking and now he's pooping on the potty. That's pretty cool!