Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New digs, 16 days left.

Yesterday we came to the base hotel. Essentially it's like a small apartment. It's really nice for a situation like ours. It has dishes, pots, pans, towels, coffee maker (for dh) and everything that we need. Not to mention wireless interest access. HUGE plus.

It took the kids literally hours to unwind and settle down. They were screaming and running in and out of the bathroom through the kitchen to the living area and then back again to both bedrooms. They hid in the closets, they locked themselves into the bathroom. They got into the beds, they played, they laughed and they climbed into the window frames. A blast was had last night as they explored our new surroundings. Cute, yes but highly obnoxious. The noise level was almost unbearable as I worried that the people occupying the neighboring rooms would complain. My stern demands to stop screaming and running were ignored. As were my dh's.

They did sleep. But somehow I ended up on the pull out sofa bed. Not good. Will work on that tonight. Note to self, no musical beds this evening. Period.

We even went to the grocery store and bought food. But not too much, as we aren't going to be here too much longer. My step-kids are coming in to visit us before we leave. They should be here by Saturday. It will be the last time we see them for a while.

Have to run, kids need to stop fighting.