Friday, May 16, 2008

Eddie is peeing in the litter.

Yes. It's true. Eddie has been using the litter box. I can't believe I'm typing this, but my son has been going to the bathroom only to use the cat's box. I caught him doing it. And I've noticed that the litter is more wet than usual. And the floor, and the surrounding areas near the litter box as well. Ugh! What will this kid think of next?

I didn't mention either that he has also peed on the carpet too. He's testing out his newfound manhood freedom of peeing while standing up. Oh the joys of being a three year old boy!

He is having some adjustment issues with staying here at Nana and Tito's house. He misses his toys, and he wants to go home. I keep telling him "soon."

I think we are all a bit restless, but we would much rather be here where we have family than in a strange country by ourselves. Soon enough we will be doing just that, living apart from everything that we know.

Eddie doesn't know that it will be fun too. Moving and getting a new house is fun. And having mommy around all the time will be fun. It better be.

Ok, so that's all for now. We are going grocery shopping today, and I need to get ready for some insanity. It's always quite the chore to navigate the store with the kids and their incessant need to touch everything, and attempt to sneak items in the cart.

Ah, now that's fun!