Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm homeless and my kids are quite nuts.

I don't formally have a home. Although technically still a homeowner, we do not live there anymore. And I don't have a cat anymore either. That's sad. But I do believe it's in his best interest. And ours. But mostly mine, since all the responsibility of the cat lies on my shoulders. It does make me feel much better to hear that the cat is being well loved. The new "renters" are also cat sitters to my beloved Corona. I don't know if time will change that to new cat parents or not. We will have to wait that out and see if they ask to keep him. They've already hinted at that. Their family has been loving on him so much. I'm happy to hear that. It's much better than worrying about his well being.

So I'm staying with mom and dad. And my kids have lost their minds. Eddie has asked several times to go home. But otherwise, they are both flipping out. It's as if I fed them chocolate cake for breakfast and then set them on fire. They run around this house like it's Christmas morning. And they don't slow down for anything. Or anyone.

I've entered into full potty training mode. And I'm honestly contemplating running out into some traffic. It has been rather maddening. I'm not sure why people have kids anymore. Potty training is the dumbest thing, it's the hardest thing, it's the most infuriating thing on earth. If I could go back and re-give birth, I would trade my epidurals for an "easily potty trainable child". I would willingly suffer the pain that comes with pushing another human being out of your body for the difficulty it is to stand by and watch your child pee on the floor 14 times in one day. I'd gladly feel every single contraction just to know that each one of my children would pee and poop on the potty. I'd love to see just one of them even get the idea of whats going on. Eddie pees pretty well on the potty, and today Alexa created and released a pretty impressive poopy herself. But she however can't seem to catch on to the pee train. I'm so over it, I don't even want to see tomorrow right now.

I'm refusing to go to bed. I don't want to potty train tomorrow. And then everyone who has kids, and those with wisdom who have written books have said, "They will regress when you move." Great, so I'm working so hard for what?? To have them back in diapers when we move?? Alexa is totally potty trainable just because Eddie has been attempting to try for so long. I'm still not sure I can believe that I have a 3 year old. And he won't poop. Nope, just not going to do it.

That's nuts. It's just plain nuts. And really, I just want them to calm down a little. They are so hopped up on life, I can't breathe right. But man, are they cute. I can't give them back. I don't want to, I just would like them to poop on the potty and settle down and take a nap. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is. But a girl can dream right?

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