Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Friday! Yay?

Today is Friday and my son is running around screaming like he just drank a small bottle of hot sauce. His sister is chasing him, imitating also, as it is so much fun to irritate the mommy. Why do they do this? And what does this have to do with it being Friday? Um. Nothing really. I just felt like stating that fact.

I stayed up super late last night watching the 2 hour Grey's Anatomy season finale. And yes, I do mean late, because I watched it via a "slingbox" hooked up to my mom's cable back in Tucson. I then can turn on my computer and watch any and ALL of my mom's cable channels through the internet. Pretty sweet device if you ask me.

But anyway, back to Grey's. OMG. It was just. THAT. GOOD. And comparing to the previous 4 seasons worth of cliffhangers, this one was by far the best. Yeah. They always manage to make you cry like a blithering idiot by shows end, so don't watch it with anyone that you wouldn't mind seeing you that way. What more can I say, I cannot wait for season 6.

Today the dh is heading over to the embassy to check our post office box. We are expecting several packages. Momma has been doing a little online shopping. One Calvin Klein purse, one Trofast storage system from Ikea, one kids activity table, and a USB SD digital card reader. My computer no longer recognizes my SD card. Another reason just to scrap the whole thing and start with a newer, faster model. Did I mention to you it's SLOW as molasses? No? OK, well it is.

So today I am participating in Scary Mommy's Flashback Fridays. If you don't know who she is, click on over to her place and check her out. In fact, join her. You can link up to her blog with one of your old posts. You know when. Back when it was just you and the crickets. Here is the one I'm linking with today.

OK, Someone get me outta here!



Ashley said...

Oh, yes - always a tearjerker! It was so good, though I am anxious to see who will be around for the next season.

melissa said...

i missed it!! actually, i haven't watched greys in years. and i kept meaning to start again. sigh. i guess i'll have to buy the dvd when it comes out!
and could your kids be ANY CUTER???
thanks for the follow on twitter!

Vicki said...

So glad you are able to keep up with your shows while you are down there! It's a good thing - even when your shows are tear jerkers!
It was all the talk today!
Enjoy your weekend!

Scary Mommy said...

I gave up on Grey's a few years back, but feel so out of the loop now. I may need to play catch up!

Sybila said...

Hi Baby;
Glad you received your boxes and I am sure that the kiddos will enjoy their new "aircrafting" table.
Love ya;

Melissa said...

Aren't the kids just so fun when they decide that they have to annoy the mommy?

I'm going to go read your flashback post now.....