Monday, May 18, 2009


I am totally aware that the title of this post makes absolutely no sense. Other than the Monday part. But I'm OK with that. I am.

Friday in the mail we received one kid sized activity table. Adorable I might add. It is adjustable from 16-25 inches. So you can keep it far longer than the smaller tables. It's also heavy duty and I'm pretty sure it's made for preschool or daycare usage. I bought it because I could never find a table big enough to hold the kids arts supplies on top of the table while they were working on a project. This one is perfect. It's not overly big, and like I said, not too small. Here it is in the kids play room. If you are interested in the table, I bought it here. Also the little stools are from Ikea.

Speaking of Ikea, I also ordered a Trofast storage system. It's just a wood shelf and it has colorful plastic bins that slide into the shelf. So the toys are basically hidden. Very cute idea for kids storage. I love it. So of course I couldn't wait to put it together. I didn't notice until the very last step, that the final board in my project was in fact broken. I was so bummed. I called the company immediately. They apologized profusely and told me that they would send one replacement board to me right away. Now how is that for customer service? I took a picture so you can see exactly how close I was to being finished before I realized what happened. I thought I would also mention, this was a cinch to put together. I had this put together (almost) in the time it took my husband to cook dinner. Yes, I was assembling a shelf while he was in the kitchen cooking. I like it that way.

On a totally unrelated note, we went to McDonalds this weekend. That might seem like an everyday or even weekly occurence to some, but to us, that just isn't so. I would not be lying to you if I told you that each of the worst McDonalds meals I've ever had, have been had here. In Chile.

There is no speed. There is nothing even resembling speed. There are a bunch of employees milling about behind the counter that talk and laugh and cannot control themselves long enough to even take your order. The young girl kept breaking out in laughter and talking to the other girl next to her. Customer service? No such thing. Non-existent. I'm sorry. Hot fries? Not going to happen. Ice? Where do you think you are? The U.S? You will be served cold fries, an average hamburger, that is also cold and a teeny weeny kid sized soda. Unless of course you SUPER size it to our American size medium. Again, I am not kidding. You will wait an incredible amount of time. All the while the girl, or guy will keep looking into your cajita feliz (happy meal) box to see what they may or may not have put in there already. They had to touch that box like 5 times. I almost started screaming, or crying I am not sure which. I mean, ordering a hamburger and fries should not be that painful.

The McDonalds experience here has been an ENORMOUS let down. They are slow, they serve crappy food, and for crying out loud, I wish people would stop STARING at me like I'M A CIRCUS FREAK because I speak ENGLISH!!!


The Main Ladybug said...

Love the table & stools! And I completely understand your frustration when you ALMOST have a project completed, and a board is broken, or you need another can of spray paint, or you're so tired you can't keep your eyes open to finish!

As for your McDonalds experience, sounds a lot like what McDonalds has come to in Tennessee too!

Seen my new Ladybug yet? Come see . . .

Have a safe and blessed day!

Alicia W. said...

I love the mini table and chairs - what a great idea for the kids. I bet they are loving it. Ugh, on the broken piece.. that really sux!

Jill said...

IKEA! I love that store! We got a store in Orlando last year and you should have seen opening week. You had to take a number to get in the store. Traffic on the main highway was backed up for miles and miles. I love the little benches. We are going to get my girls beds there soon.
I signed your follower list I hope you'll do the same. I look forward to getting to know you!

Jill :0)

Nicki and Mathis said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog last week on my SITS day! Love the table and little stools... so cute!!

Sybila said...

Loved the table and stools, know the kiddos will enjoy "aircrafting" their little projects on it. Enjoy the photos that you post on the blog.
Love ya;

Melissa said...

That's a really cute table for the kids!

Isn't IKEA just the greatest ever?! Love them!

LOL about you putting the shelf together while he was making dinner! Too funny!

My hubby HATES McDonalds, so I'm sure that he would say the same thing about the quality of the food here at the McDonalds in the USA. He won't even give me a kiss if he knows that I at McD's, that's how much he hates it!!!

I do have to say though, that Canadian McDonalds is SO much better than US McDonalds, so I'm hardly ever tempted to get a Big Mac here in the States. :o)

kestrel said...

Droping by and recognised the IKEA stools, I have the exact blue one. Lovely room for the kids. I am an IKEA fan too and much of the furniture in my house is from IKEA - easy assembly. Your experience in McD sounds unusual cos I thought all McD chains have strict rules abt service. Love your header and caption.

Tammigirl said...

You need to go to McDonalds in Venezuela. They aren't exactly U.S. 'professional' (HA!) but they are the best McDonalds I ever ate. (I'm not a big McD's fan, typically)