Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Raw and unedited.

This is what my daughter looks like in the mornings, with all of that crazy hair. Before I get a chance to brush it. With loads of detangler and a spritz of moisturizer. It takes a very long time. Her hair is super CURLY. She gets that from her father. And from my mother. Their hair has curly tendencies. I had just asked her to go brush her hair. This is her response.

And here we have my little wild man. Check out the crayola marker in his belt loop. He loves to stick anything in there, much like a gunfighter and his gun belt. Eddie pretends. In looking at these pictures, I realize it's time for another hair cut.

I'll put that on my list of things to do. Right after we do our daily "air-crafting". In case you don't follow me on Twitter, my son says to me the other day, "Mommy? Can we do aircrafting today?" And I look at him, a little puzzled, "What's that honey?" And he replies, "You know, cutting paper, pasting and stuff." Awww, he wants to craft! Since we've been back to Chile, I have decided to keep them home with me vs. putting them into daycare. And I've also taken to doing daily preschool type activities. The kids are loving it.

This picture above of my son with his monkey looks so sweet. You'd think he was actually mild mannered, wouldn't you? If you do, I must inform you that I'm rolling off of my too small, queen sized, kitty fur shed upon bed. I'm laughing hysterically at that thought. Like I mentioned above, he. is. wild.

Oh and I wanted to share one more picture. Since Winter time is fast approaching us here in Chile, it's starting to get a little cold. And for those of you who don't know me, or know me well. I. am. a. wimp. I don't do cold temperatures, I don't do snow. I was born in Puerto Rico, I lived in Florida for most of my life, and I also lived in warm weather climates for the other portions of the time that I was not in Florida. Most recently, Tucson Arizona. (Can we say SCORCHING?)

Anyway, here is the little heater that we just bought. It was 15,000 pesos (roughly 27 bucks). It's pretty small. But we are testing it out to see how well it does.

So far, as long as it's facing you, it works. And because it's so small, it only works well enough to warm one small room. So if you leave that room, run. Quickly. OK, OK, I'm being dramatic. But since the temperatures haven't dipped below the 50's I'm OK right now. I already told dh that we need to buy another one. A BIGGER one.


Alicia W. said...

Now that is some hair! LOL She is such a little beauty and that lil rocker of yours sure is having a blast. :o)

The Main Ladybug said...

LOL - my three year old granddaughter has the same exact hair! I can't be within a 20 mile radius when her Mommy does her hair (ouch, ouch, ouch). However, I am the one who kept wishing, and hoping and praying while her Mommy was pregnant that she would have pretty hair!!

Love the Little Man's shirt & also his Monkey!!

Stay warm & drop by to see me soon!

Sybila said...

Hi Baby;
Loved the photos of my grandbabies.
Lacka has beautiful hair--comes directly from her Nana, of course.
Eddie is growing so fast. The house is entirely too silent with them gone. Of course, the nerves have settled back to normal. (wink)
Glad they are enjoying their "aircrafting".
Love ya;
Mom in Tucson

Karie said...

She has hair just like my little sisters. As she got older she maintained it much better but when she was younger my mom had a hard time keeping it looking decent. It's so cute though!

Vicki said...

Hey you!
I love her face!!! Doodles!!! get your hair done!!!
Yes, Eddie looks so big!
Aunt Bicki really misses them alot. So does Dan, Caitlin and Chris!!!
Maybe Taylor too! arf arf!
Give them hugs, stay warm!
Love ya

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

HA HA - I so have a child with hair like that - I feel so bad for her!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Tha tlooks like my hair in the morning.

I hope you find a nice big heater to get you through the winter!

MammaDawg said...

Omigosh - your little ones are just TOO cute. I love that you're keeping them home with you and doing the pre-school stuff. And it sounds like they love it, too!!

Melissa said...

They are adorable! And I can't get over Alexa's hair!!! AMAZING!