Sunday, May 3, 2009

Twitter and Danny Gokey

Let's talk about twitter. I think I may have been nudged into it by my sweet and very beautiful friend Melissa over at Spoiled Mommy. And ever since then, I've twitted, tweeted, twittered. Whatever. It's just a really cool site, that allows you to keep up with family or friends, or anyone really. You can type in a few things to let people know exactly what you are having for breakfast, what color your socks are, or even that your child/cat just threw up on your purse/rug/bed. Anything goes.

Well, lately, it has kind of become like a vice to me. I need to get on to see whats going on. I mean, you can actually follow the news and find out breaking stories, way before you ever would have gotten around to turning on the tv and watching it the old fashioned way. I'm not kidding. I turned on my computer and then I saw @RyanSeacrest say that Danny Gans had died. And this was mere hours after it had happened.

On a side note, if you have never seen this man perform in Vegas, he was AMAZING. Also, you can find out that there was an earthquake in LA, before the news begins to pick it up. People are tweeting it! Oh and then there is the ever popular @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher) who says cute little things about his wife: "#followfriday @mrskutcher cause she's my wife and I'd follow her to the end of the earth." Oh come on now, that's just sweet.

I'd like for my husband to sign up on twitter and follow me. But hey, that ain't happening. He's more of the, I'll call you on the phone kind of guy. And that's OK, I'm fine with that. Just don't ask me to get off twitter. You see, I'm also following the Swine Flu, and getting updates as they come in. A word of warning though... it can be a little addicting.


OK, now on an American Idol note, I must talk about my new love. Danny Gokey. I was scouring the internet for videos and pictures of him when I ran across this website. I can't tell you what a great fan website it is. If you like Danny Gokey, then I'm sure you can appreciate the hard work that is put into this site. It's called I heart Danny Gokey. Go take a look. I'll wait.

I keep watching this video over and over again. It is from last Tuesday nights performance. He sang Come Rain or Shine, or was it Come Rain or Come Shine. Whatever, close enough. In fact, I went to itunes and downloaded it. I am also awaiting an autographed picture in the mail. *sqweee* My husband just told me today that he now thinks that I am going to ditch him and run off to stalk Danny Gokey. I could would never do that.

And though I have enjoyed Adam Lamberts talents and each and every one of his highly theatrical performances, let's be honest, that Adam has insane vocals! He deserves to win too. It's just that he doesn't do it for me the way that Danny does. I mean, there is just something about his totally adorable glasses wearing, sweet smiling face. With that amazing angelic voice and his slightly awkward attempts at dancing, it's all very endearing to me. Did I go overboard? Am I packing my suitcases? No. But I am mildly in love with him. Just mildly. He's my favorite. And I hope he wins. I do. But no matter what happens, I will be tuning in. Yes, even here in Chile, via my slingbox. I can't wait.


♥spoiled mommy♥ said...

Awww-you put me in there!! ;)
I love Danny too-yeahhhhh!!
And yes, Twitter is very addicting! Are tou following Oprah?Ellen?? CDC? lol

Melissa said...

LOL Leslie, you are too cute!

I quit Twitter ages ago, and I don't think I'll be joining again any time soon. Heaven knows that I don't need another thing to be addicted to on the 'net! LOL!

Alicia in a house full of Bees said...

I'm glad your on twitter as well because you always keep me laughing. :o)

Steph said...

Love you, and love Melissa...but twitter...not so much. I suppose I'm behind the times. (Never thought I'd admit that)

Danny...yes, hottie!
Adam...freakishly hot, scary sexy voice.

Can you believe Headless Mom is not a fan of Adam??? LOL - She and I might have to have a "girl fight"....

Love ya!

Sybila said...

Hi Les;
I tried Twitter too, now have 4 followers (3 I know and love and one unknown person).
Hip Hip Hurray for Alexa! I know mommie and daddie are doing the happy dance.
Dad planted my totem pole cactus today--one to go--in the big pots by the pool. I even watched my B & B Cactus Farm video again--love that place! People come from Phoenix to shop there.
Love ya;
Mom in Tucson

Vicki said...

We are happy too about Lacka!!! YAY! sounds promising for you.

Sorry, have missed AI this season. sorry, but I can listen on youtube!

Twitter, it's pretty fun and there is lots of info coming in at fast paces!!!!

Ashton Kutcher? hmmm nope, not follwing him at the moment. But we will see.

Caitlin said...

Wow! I am now sorry that I haven't been paying attention to Idol this season... That was amazing!! I hope that he wins too!

Ah, what can I say about Twitter? I do like it, if I can ever figure out how to put my picture up there! LOL!

Wendy@RuensOnTheRun said...

Twitter is addicting - I've backed off some...only because the baby can walk now! ;)