Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nurses Day and what else? IDOL.

First I'd like to give a shout out to all my nursey friends and fellow bloggers. And to all of those I don't know. It's Nurses Day, and you ROCK! You are some of the hardest working men and women that I have ever known, worked with and beside, and I know that you all work long hard hours and handle a tremendous amount of stress on a daily basis. And I tip my hat to you on this day. Kudos to you for choosing this as your profession. I admire all that you do!

Now, if I may discuss last night's American Idol. It's still so fresh in my mind. While both Allison and Adam felt right at home performing rock songs this week, both Danny and Kris were not cut out to be the rock and roll type. I love them. I do. And they have their own little unique characteristics that make them that much more likeable each time you see them. This week was just a little hard to watch. I will however, give them huge props for their duet. They sung Renegade, and I thought it was awesome! I thought that their voices complimented each other very nicely.

As for Adams performance, he brought down the house. He was spot on. But then again, when is he not? I was not at all crazy about his too small fitting pants. But hey, who am I to say what rock star types should be wearing? I'm just a mommy blogger slightly out of touch with the US stuck in some Chilean apartment only a thousand miles away. Whatever. It's his gig.

Young Allison, well the girls got pipes. And no matter what happens, she is going to have a very bright future in front of her. I didn't like her song Cry Baby so much, but that's just my personal preference. She sang it well. I just didn't like the song. The duet between her and Adam was fantastic. Those two together were a joy to hear. Two screamers. Loved it.

Now having said all of that, I'm still in the tank for Danny. I cringed at his performance of Dream On. I did. If truth be told. But that doesn't mean that I'm off his team. My dh even had some derogatory comments about him. But I think he's just jealous because I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Whatev. He looked good. And I agree with the judges. Though rock is not his thing, I give him high fives for even attempting to pull that off in front of the audience that he had. Oh and Slash? He SUCKED. I don't care that he's a great guitar player. I can appreciate that fact. Trust me, I do. Been there. It's just that as a mentor? Come on, NO! Once again, I reiterate, he SUCKED. So there. That's my opinion, in a nutshell.

Now on to my regularly scheduled day. I'm playing preschool in my house every day. I'll have to take pictures of the kids play room once the table I ordered arrives. It's going to be really cute. Every day I am doing different things with the kids and basically I'm trying to imitate the things that they do in preschool/daycare. Complete with naps, because napping is the best part of my day. Peace and quiet.

And on a an extremely ecstatic note, my daughter Alexa who is 2 years and 7 months old, has started to poop on the potty. Regularly. I wouldn't say she's potty trained yet, but this makes me happier than you might expect. You see, Eddie, who just turned 4, just recently became potty trained. So yes, her success now, is leaving me feeling rather happy.


Melissa said...

You and your Idol talk! LOL! I haven't watched at all this season, so I have no opinions.

Happy Nurses' day to all the great people out there who are nurses! Thanks for the head's up! I'll have to send my BIL a note for Nurses' Day.

How fun that you're doing preschool with the kids. We were doing that for awhile, but now Kingston being so active and into everything, it's been kinda touch and go. We're enrolling her into preschool this fall though, so she's super excited about that!

YAY for Alexa using the potty! It won't be long now till she's completely potty trained if she's pooping on the potty already. That was the hard one for Kendra. Peeing was no probs, but the pooping was harder. (Although, it really was easy with Kendra, it took less than a week to get her fully trained at 2.5 years, but it only took one day to get her trained for pee.)

Good luck! :o)

Alicia W. said...

Nurses are the ones who do all the work and get less credit. What a great day to honor them.

Don't watch Idol this year.. I know, I know.. I'm a Loser! :o)

KUDOS for the potty traning... I have one kid down and one to go and sooooooo dreading it.

have a great day toots!

Sybila said...

Happy Nurses day to one of my favorite nurses (I have two) in Chile. I got to visit first hand with several here in Tucson on my recent visit to the big H establishment. They treated me good--especially the one named Vicki (my other favorite nurse/daughter).
I voted for Danny Gokey for you last night. Agreed with your Idol assessment 100%.
Going shopping today--thinking of you and how you love to go along.
Love ya;
Mom in Tucson

Stethoscopes and Stilettos said...

I didn't even know it was Nurse's Day yesterday! Haha! You're so sweet!

Ashley said...

Yay, Alexa! What a big girl!

Vicki said...

Happy Belated Nurse's Day to you as well!!!!
Well, it's still Nurse's Week!!!