Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy (early) Mother's Day!

So, I just wanted to say it. Now, before it's too late. Or before I forget, or get too busy chasing around the little people. I made a little video today. I made it for my mom, because she gets so much out of seeing the kids. And right now she can't see the kids. I wish I could change that.

So I made this for her. At the beginning of the video, you can see exactly how small Alexa used to be when we first arrived here in Chile. You can also see how short her hair used to be. She's grown so much. Eddie looks nearly the same, but he's grown.

Mom, I'm thinking of you. Hope you enjoy the video. And I promise I will take more videos of the kids and post them here. Thanks for everything. I love you!


Sybila said...

I loved, loved, loved the video of the kids. Vicki and gang are over here tonight looking at your video and we all voted. You only get one vote per email address tho.
Happy Mother's Day to you too.
Love ya;

Threeundertwo said...

Happy Mother's Day! What a sweet video. "I lub oo!" She's a doll.

Ace said...

What a sweet message for your mom!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come anytime!

Brandy said...

Happy Mothers Day!


The Main Ladybug said...

I love this video for so many reasons, but the main reason is because it made me realize how very blessed I am to have four (almost five) of my seven (almost eight) grandbabies in the same town as I'm in. I sometimes feel sorry for myself because the other three are a few hundred miles away, but your video was like a slap up against the head telling me to be thankful that I get to share Sunday dinner with most of them. Stay safe & be blessed.