Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Corona.

Don't let this second picture fool you, he loves this hat. He's the kind of cat that really enjoys dressing up. Or at least he doesn't fight me. He is pretty mellow as far as cats go. If you haven't heard me talk about my kitty before, please see this post.

You can either read the previous post, or take my short version of the long story. I now have my beloved cat in my possession once again. He was being looked after by some kind people. I am leaving the states on April 7 to return to Chile.

My brother who had offered to watch over my cat for me, has since reneged on his word. A very very long story there. And maybe another day. But since he has gone back on his word, I no longer have anyone to care for my cat.

I just checked into the prices to take him along to Chile. I did not originally want to take him there with us. I felt that the plane ride would be too much for him. But now I am rethinking it. They would place him in the belly or cargo area of the plane and he would be there from the beginning of our trip which originates in Tucson at 3:05 pm, then flies to Dallas. We change planes in Dallas and then fly to Santiago. We should arrive there around 8:30 am. So it's quite the flight.

I just don't really have any other options. I love my cat, and I honestly felt bad about leaving him behind with strangers when I first moved away. I left him partly because I didn't want to put him through the flight. But now I am thinking that if I take him along, it would be better for him to be with me. In a home where he is loved. I think he can handle it.

OK, is there anybody out there who is experienced in this department? Has anyone taken their pet on a long ride? Anybody know someone who has? Any comments and feedback about this will be soo appreciated. I just want to know that I am doing the right thing.


Casey said...

My cat has that giraffe hat too! :)

I took Reagan with us to Germany. He was in the cabin. If you do want to take him, make sure you start now with the process. Reagan had to have a health certificate and a micro chip to come here. Our vet told us what to do (when to stop feeding him, etc.) and suggested baby benadryl to keep him calm. He is a wired cat, hates people he doesn't know, screams in the car, but he did GREAT on the plane. The medicine made him sleepy. People didn't even know we had a cat with us!

Blythe said...

My family moved to Taiwan when I was 13, and we brought both our cat and our dog with us. Our cat was REALLY not a go-with-the-flow type. I loved her dearly, but adversity was not something she dealt with easily.

Yet she got through the flight and six weeks of quarantine just fine. I think giving your furry buddy a sedative might be a good idea, but other than that, I'm sure he'll be fine!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

my dog (and previous cats) made the journey from Guam to Massachusetts (30+ hours) and were just happy to see me at the end of it.
Are you sure he isn't able to fly in the cabin? As someone else said, get started with the process now, although most need a health certificate that is no more than 10 days old. Also, if there are quarantines in Chile you will need to get him booked.
I say go ahead and do it, you will both be happier at the end of the flight.

Steph said...

I say do it too... and I agree, ask the vet for a valium, they do give them to animals...and I would think it'll go pretty smoothly.

xoxoxo Good luck hunny!

Baby liquid benedryl is the bomb for babies and animal babies alike! :)

Leslie said...

I've always wondered about flying with animals, but haven't looked into it, I'm curious to see what you find out.

Love your new look ;)

Mama Smurf said...

OK obviously I'm way out of're going back to Chile?? Must read on....

Vanessa Rogers said...

Make sure it has AC (where he is kept) and it might be a good idea to give him drugs to knock him out before the flight.