Monday, March 16, 2009

Me being crafty.

So, I have my cat carrier all ready to go and fly down to Santiago. My only issue was that it was all hard, plastic and would probably get a bit cold during the flight. So I started looking for some type of pet bed liner type thingy that would make the carrier a bit more cozy for my cat. I found a few cute things at the store. But they were either too small, or way too big. There was nothing that was just right. Then I just decided that I was going to get an old towel and throw it in there.

I honestly didn't like that idea very much. So I decided on making something myself. I have a small creative streak in me, and I can operate a sewing machine. So I headed off to Joann fabric store today and bought some supplies. I didn't have a pattern, I was just going to wing it as I went along. I figured it wouldn't be too difficult since the cat carrier bottom in question is simply rectangular in shape.

Here is what I came up with. I bought a 1 inch thick piece of foam, a little larger than the carrier. I cut it down to size when I got home. I then bought the fabric. One side is a cute purple and black leopard print, the other is a fleece tie dyed purple. It only took me about 1 hour from start to finish. I think it came out pretty cute. And now, my cat can relax in style. Oh and I will be adding puppy pee pads to the carrier. But I'm really in love with the fabric I found today. Here is the top of the bed (liner).

And this is the underside. Of course, it really wouldn't matter which side you use. I just love it. I also bought extra fabric. I think I might make something larger with it, once we get settled in.

I love projects where you can do it yourself. I am especially fond of the super easy ones. And this bed was a cinch to make. What do you think of it?


Casey said...

Super cute! I need to learn how to sew!

Anonymous said...

that is awesome!!! You should use the extra fabric to make a pet bed for the apartment. I mean as great as the one you made is, unless it is washable, there is a good chance it will be ruined when you get there. I do suggest you don't give the kitty any food or water for several hours before the flight to cut down on the need to eliminate. When we flew from gluam I duct taped puppy pads throughout the kennel and then put her favorite lounging blanket in. As soon as we got to where we were staying the pads went in the trash and the blanket in the wash.

sybila said...

So cute to see my daughter making her kitty a pad for the carrier case for his trip to Chile.
You did an excellent job on it too.
Love ya;

Tania said...

That's really cute! So did you make your own blog background as well?

♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

Look at you....oh my goodness!! I will take one big enough for my 45 pound dog please...I like the colors pink and black. hahaha!
You really did a great job-hope the kitty has a nice, safe and comfy ride home w/ya!

Vanessa Rogers said...

adorable, I love the fringe!

Chelle said...

So adorable!! I think you kitty will love it! You are so creative!