Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm just not supposed to shop anymore.

Scared ya didn't I? You thought I meant shopping, as in like, for the really good things. Nah, no matter how painful it is, I will always want to shop. But I'm talking about grocery shopping. It's just plain psychotic.

I take my kids to the store, and people stare at us. Not in a good way either. Eddie climbs on top of the car attached grocery cart. Alexa attempts to do the same. Each one of them takes turns grabbing things from the shelves. I scold. I raise my voice, but not too loud. They laugh, they push, they touch. And then they scream. I have to stop what I am doing only a dozen times per aisle.

I try to focus on vegetables, fruits, canned goods. I can't. Alexa is trying to kiss Eddie. Eddie doesn't want a kiss. They squabble, they laugh, and she still tries. He pushes at her, and then calls for my help.... "mommyyyyyyy!!" People are still staring.

I find a box of valentines candy on the floorboard of the little car that the kids are sitting in. I place it back on the shelf. I look in the cart. There are some various items which I did not put in there. I also put those items back too.

I push onward. Carefully I move, as I realize that the kids are alternately sticking their heads outside of the car, and into the path of oncoming shopper's carts. I have to be careful, I have to watch out for their noggins, as they don't have a care in the world.

I don't know why they misbehave so much in grocery stores. I honestly just don't know. But what I do know, as I stroll throughout the building, is that I have the loudest two kids in the whole place. I know this. I attract a lot of attention when we shop. Or shall I say that my two monkeys attract a lot of attention. You just can't help but to look and see what all the ruckus is about. I'm still hoping that one day they outgrow it. Or even tone it down a bit. That would be nice.

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♥spoiled mommy♥ said...

Good luck there-we do "family" grocery store visits and I swear I want to rip my hair out everytime!!
All 3 of the kids act like maniacs.
So I will wish you good luck-maybe yours will outgrow it...mine never have!

Ashley said...

You know I've seen the news segments before where they talk about how grocery stores are set up for that exact reason. You find all the good candies, drinks, and cereals within their reach so they instantly want it and throw it in the buggy. How cruel!

Mama Smurf said...

I don't know. I wish I had good news for you but mine are 12, 9, and 6 and we still attract too much attention. I've learned to ignore both them and the attention they attract.

Leslie said...

there's a psych facility next door to the hospital I work at, do you want me to snag you a couple of "jackets" ;)

Susan said...

I feel the pain!
A couple times back when I came home from the grocery store I had about 8 jars of baby food that I didn't realize I had bought. When I was looking for the ones I did want to buy, Austin obviously grabbed some other ones and placed them in the cart without my knowledge. And, of course they were not "flavors" that Mia will eat.

Shannon said...

I just went grocery shopping yesterday... took the oldest with me, as I don't take both girls if I can avoid doing so! But even the almost-8-year-old acts up a few times... she wants to push the buggy, which I let her do. But then she's run off to the end of the aisle, and I have to holler for her to stop. Then she's tired of pushing and wants to ride on the buggy... which makes it too heavy for me to push, so I'm hollering at her to get off. Sheesh.

Vanessa Rogers said...

ha ha ha!1 I am still laughing. let me just say, I am excited about the prospects of being a mom someday in the far future, but I am not excited about taking children grocery shopping! It makes for a hilarious story though.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Leslie I think you some how got my kids. LOL At least yours aren't old enough to walk beside you...oh wait I mean roll on the floor beating the living crap out of each other as you walk through the store, or better yet RACE through the store while throwing things at each other. YUP I CAN FEEL YOUR PAIN SISTER. LOL
Love Madhousemama