Thursday, January 8, 2009

10 things that make me happy.

Besides the ever obvious (I'm thankful for being alive, and good health)

1. Waking up to two smiling faces. Followed by kisses and baby voices proclaiming their love for me. How can I not sail out of bed and get them whatever their little hearts desire?

2. M & Ms. Peanut M & Ms, M & Ms without peanuts, and mini M & Ms.

3. Blue skies and brisk weather. The fact that it doesn't snow here and get insanely cold like say, ummmm Boise. (ahem.) It's cold there. And I don't know what to do with that.

4. Finding a pair of Skechers on sale for 19.75, and no tax. Comfy, and sweet.

4. Actually not being pregnant. Not that I thought I was. I am just happy that I am not.

5. Sleeping children. It makes for a peaceful ride.

6. Hearing Alexa sing her alphabet in that sweet little 2 year old voice. Watching other people smile at her as we walk along.

7. Holding hands. Holding my babies, my husband, and yes my blackberry too. (I didn't tell you I got one of those for Christmas?? tsk.... tsk....)

8. The leftover Christmas soaps at Bath n Body works, they are now 1.12 and 1.25. I love that.

9. Pepperoni pizza from Papa Murphy's.

10. The new iced coffee from McDonalds McCafe. I like the Caramel flavor. Yum, and definitely cheaper than Starbucks. ;)

Do you have some favorites? Some things that make you happy? Feel free to make a list of your own. Let me know if you do so I can stop by and take a look!

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♥spoiled mommy♥ said...

Oh my goodness-I was so happy to come here and see that you wrote again...looks like things are going just spiffy for you.
That pizza looks darn good!

All these B's and Me! said...

Great list as always Leslie! Love me some iced caramel from McD's too!

Shannon said...

Peanut M&Ms are da bomb.

Love the pic of Miss Thing on her leopard-print seat and sunglasses... she is so cool.

Great deal on the shoes! I wouldn't mind having a pair of those for myself!

Ashley said...

Mexican food and margaritas make me oh so happy :)

Donna-chelle said...

Love your list! I did my own too...It made me appreciate all that I do have, and maybe a couple things I'd like to have!!!

Melissa said...

ugh! for some reason every time I try to leave you a comment, the page freezes! it's weird, cause it only happens over here! grrr.... My computer is a jerk! ;o)

that's a great list of things that make you happy. I love M&M's too! Smiling faces in the morning are the best as well!

for your last post.... Sorry that you and your family have to be seperated for a bit. I'll be praying for you guys, that you'll be guided in the right direction and good luck finding a job.

Vicki said...

Papa Murphy's Pizza.. We have waited a long time to try it and we are so happy they are here in Tucson!!!!

Iced Coffee's are da Bomb..

Pics of sleeping kids are delightful!!!

Not being pregnant... hmmmmmm
What?! You aren't ready for the twins????? or are you wishing them on our AVAILABLE brother??


Love ya Sis!

Leslie said...

Your entire list sounds fabulous! I love m&ms too, well pretty much anything chocolate!

Mama Smurf said...

mmmm...peanut m&ms are my favorite...

Thanks, now you've gone and made me hungry and damn it I'm on a diet!