Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bad blogger, potty issues.

Sorry I haven't been around much. In essence, these days I am acting as a single parent. I miss my husband terribly. And it's going to be a tough week. He is leaving our current hometown to go visit another Chilean air base and they do not have wi-fi in their base lodging. So he and I will not be talking very much. That's just plain sad. Thankfully, he will only be gone for one week.

So for now, I am still tackling the ever draining task of project potty training. I hope that it ends soon. I pray. It's clear to me now that I have one of those kids. No matter how much I didn't want to believe it was true. I cannot ignore the signs. Eddie, is one of those children that decides in his own good time, when he will poop on the potty, and absolutely when he will not.

I have tried e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. And I honestly do mean everything. Sticker charts, rewards, gifts, snacks, candies, positive reinforcements, negative reinforcements, early training, letting him go and ignoring it, the alarm method, more sticker charts, new potty seats, new stools, potty chair inserts. I mean it, if it's been done, or written about, I have attempted it. I really have.

Eddie is going to be 4 on April 26. And I really think I might cry if this kid doesn't quit having accidents in his pants by then. He has been pee-pee trained since he was two. I've been amazed to even see that if he has to go pee in the night, that he wakes to go in the toilet. So we have long since said goodbye to diapers and pull ups for him. It's just the poop. He will NOT consistently go in the potty. He does good for like a week, and then he has an accident. And then he will mess up for a week, and then start going again. It's been like this for us. That is my son. That's what I'm dealing with.

And now, little sister is starting to adopt some of his habits. I think I might cry even harder. I caught her hiding behind a chair. She turned 2 in September. And though she's having some successes, I fear she is going to be just like her brother. *sigh*

I am so ready for the kids to use to the potty on their own. I can't even picture a day when this will happen. Other moms tell me it will come soon enough. Can it? Will it? Pleeaaase?? Pretty please?


Melissa said...

ugh! that sucks! I'm very grateful that potty training was so easy for us. I wish I could give some kind of helpful advise, but it looks like you've tried everything there is. I'm hoping for your sake that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel for you soon!

Mama Smurf said...

I've done it 3 times and each child was different. What worked for one did NOT work for the other. Hang in there. Think of it this way...they won't be going out on their first dates still poo'n in their pants. =)

I've always thought and said that potty training is one of the most difficult times of parenthood.

Susan said...

That is really tough! I hope that it will just click one day soon and that will be the end of the accidents. Maybe you have tried this already, but maybe you could choose a large reward that he can't earn for several weeks. Each time he poops on the potty he gets a marble in his potty jar and when he has an accident he gets one taken away. He would have to fill the jar to get the reward and that would give him both a visual idea of how close he is getting to the reward and also allow enough time for the pooping to become a habit.

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