Friday, December 12, 2008

playing along...

So today as I sit here blogging, twittering, watching my kids running back and forth in front of me, refusing to get dressed, dragging what few presents there are under the tree out from under the tree and stacking them... (here's proof)

I think about what I am going to do today. Oh yeah, blog. You see, I have missed my bloggy friends so it's only realistic that I do in fact show up every once in a while to say hello. And then my friend Spoiled Mommy over there is hosting "Favorite/Not so Favorite Friday" and I thought that I would play along.

Today. My favorite NOT FAVORITE AT ALL. No they are, not. No really, they are. (Sssshhhh.) Don't tell my mother. She just bought a new bag. They are Snyders peanut butter pretzel sandwiches dipped in Hershey's chocolate. OMG. Really. The bag that she just bought last night is empty. The things are pure evil. I couldn't stop eating them. But in my defense, my mother had a handful. And my brother ate one two. He just informed me that two were stuck together. And Alexa ate one. So I really and truly did not eat the whole bag. But my goodness. Pure evil. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

As for my not so favorite thing. I would have to say owning a home in 2007 when you are a military family holding orders to leave the country. Holding orders which state that you are to move to another location. While the government is working so hard to BAIL out people that I feel do NOT need to be bailed out, why not give our military folks a hand? The ones that work so hard to protect this country, why not give them a hand when they truly need it?

Because of the housing crisis, our home is no longer worth what we owe on it. So much like a bad car loan, we are now upside down in our mortgage. Though we have faithfully paid our monthly obligations, we are at this time facing a bit of a hardship. We couldn't sell our home in 2007 when we tried for a year. So we rented it. Our first renter bailed out when he lost his job. Our second renter didn't even make it past one month. Our home now sits vacant. And it's Christmas time.

So this military family stationed in Chile still has to meet and pay for a home that we no longer live in. And there is nobody out there willing to give us a hand. The government is not meeting to discuss our bailout. We pay, and we pray that we find a new renter. A good one, and stable. To pay the rent on time, so that we don't have to worry about foreclosure too.

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Laural Out Loud said...

Oh no! I didn't know your new renter bailed on you! Have you looked into the new bailout program? You might be able to renegotiate your loan with your loan company, if you can't get a new renter.

I had no idea those Dips even existed. They sound heavenly. Totally something I would love. Darn it, I think I'm going to have to try them!

♥spoiled mommy♥ said...

Awwww, than kyou so much for playing alone. I was all aone today...was getting sad...sniff sniff.
Im sorry about your house...where is it? That sucks....Im so sorry.

Hmmm-havent heard of those things but do you really have to post sweet food!?!? Like IM not going to eat enough over the holidays-yikes!

Susan said...

Mmmmmm, those look delicious!

Ashley said...

Leslie, that's awful! It really sucks for all families that have to go through this but especially military families. You have to pick up and move - FOR OUR COUNTRY - but you are offered no help from our government when it seems they have doled away billions of dollars to banks to no avail. Good luck! That's a hard situation made even harder by the distance.

Steph said...

I have never heard of those dips! Now I know why...I wouldn't be able to put the bag down!!!! :) LOL

I'll keep prayin for you a good'll happen, I'm sure of it!

Mama Smurf said...

I so agree with you on the bail out. I'm sorry to hear about your renters. I hope you find a new one soon.