Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Edward, Bella, and some other stuff.

OK. It's only 1 day and a number of hours before I can see Edward and Bella and all the other vamps on the big screen. Even though it's technically going to be available to be seen by me, I have to wait an additional few days. Just because on the 21st I will still "technically" be out of the country, and then I'll be flying for a good portion of the following day. And then of course from my current time zone to mountain time, I will be gaining an additional 4 hours. So I might be acting a bit off. Like, I may want to go to bed when I should be eating. I guess we'll work it out. I'm just super excited to get to go to a movie. And that movie being Twilight. So cool.

Oh and as to the status of my suitcases: not all packed. OK. Just not. Why pack, when I can blog? Can someone tell me? So while I'm blogging, I too am singing. Quietly though, because Alexa is sleeping in the next room. And if my maid slams one more cabinet door, I am going to be getting hostile up in this household. Downright hostile I tell ya. So yeah, the song:

Blackberry, Blackberry, bo-berry

banana, fana, fo- ferry


I think I have a new infatuation. And I feel Christmas is nearing... and in case any of you out there have been paying attention, you will probably remember that I do not currently have or own a cell phone. Sure I have a cell phone. But I don't think they currently work, have batteries, or make or even sell batteries for such antiquities. Seriously.

This was my last cell phone. I had to put it in my rolling back pack. I was so cool. But I couldn't zip the backpack shut. The antenna stuck out and used to poke me in the leg while I walked. It weighed 9 lbs. And I could only talk for 3 minutes and 18 seconds. It was just too heavy for longer conversations.

No seriously, I like the blackberry. It's pretty, and it can hold music too. Besides, not only is my dh not letting me take our computer home, but he stole my ipod. Oh and my friend Stephanie has one. And I'm a wimp. Peer pressure is the worst. She told me she would text me if I got one. It's free. Or something like that. Oh yeah, and Spoiled Mommy wants me to twitter. Because all the cool moms are doing it. And then Mcmommy, she went all out and posted stuff about twittering. So you can see why I might benefit from this phone. Oh, and let's be practical here. If I got stuck on the side of the road, I could call for roadside assistance. AKA my brother. Because he's good like that.

Did I mention it's hot in here? I didn't? No. I'm sure that I did. Really. I'm hot and it's affecting my blogging. I must go open the freezer. Oh, and that really wasn't my last cell phone. Honest. C'mon. You seriously didn't believe me, did you?
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Vanessa Rogers said...

I so don't get the twittering. I feel like I should because I am in the technology generation, but alas, I am behind the times!

Leslie said...

1. What's all the hype about Twilight??? Vampires FREAK me out! Seriously, I'm a big chicken when it comes to vampire stuff, even though I don't believe they exist. They creep me out!
2. I have a blackberry!! And I LOVE it! It's my first "fancy" phone and it's great, I'm addicted to it! My BFF Emily just got one too and she's also addicted!
3. I don't see the big deal with twittering??? You tell everyone when you're going to the bathroom? "I'm flushing the toilet now."????

Leslie said...

rofl..... Leslie you are too much!

Vicki said...

Just hours away!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, what's our next video me monday???

or will you just tell me when you get here? LOL

Twilight twilight..

Your Sis

♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

Yep-you & me both want the Blackberry that Stephanie oh so nice to BRAG about!! *winks*
Sorry the maid was slamming doors...I hate that! My husband does that too and I always yell TURN THE FLIPPIN KNOB!!!

Mama Smurf said...

You crack me up!

You really must start twittering! You don't need a phone to twitter!

Melissa said...

I had Twitter for a bit, but got rid of it.... I guess I'm uncool now! LOL!

I never pack till the last minute either. What's the use? You need most of the stuff until the last minute anyway, and you can never sleep the night before you go anywhere, so you may as well be up packing! :D

So, if you're not taking your computer with you, does that mean that we won't be seeing any blog posts from you???? :( Just the thought alone makes me so sad.... ;)

My DH has a blackberry and loves it. I think the iPhone looks pretty cool, but he has something against the iPhone and won't let me get it. So for now I have a really cheesy, cheap cell phone... :(

Julie said...

I just started reading the Twilight. And I LOVE it! I'm hoping to see the movie next week after I finish the book. Have you read any other books from the series?

Jen said...

Can't wait until Friday!! Hope I'm not disappointed. I have such high hopes for the movie and usually when that happens, it can never live up to the hype.

Twitter is a lot of fun!! I never thought I would join but I'm glad that I did.

Anonymous said...

LMAO - girl - that pic of the old cell phone had me rolling.

Love it - can't wait til tomorrow night!!

Laural Out Loud said...

That's the phone I have! LOVE it. You should totally get one. And it has GPS, so you can't get lost!

Steph said...

Ok, it's the bragging Stephanie here...LOL So totally funny you say that! You crack me up.

You and Spoiled Mommy wanna be a crackberry geek too? Talk to me first before you buy...lets make sure and get you a great deal!

I suppose I need to really learn to twitter...ahhhh...