Wednesday, November 19, 2008

She's at it again folks.

So I'm all like minding my own business right? Yeah, and then a group of Chilean thugs bust through my 15th story apartment building window. They drug me kicking and screaming to my computer. I was forced to join twitter. I was twittering. In a sense, I think I am still. It was there that I saw OHMommy. She is having another giveaway. And why yes, she is giving away shoes. No, they are boots. And not just any boots, hot momma boots.

As I wept at the sweet words from her post, I could actually see myself being chosen this time. It's going to be fate. Or insanity. I can picture my legs wearing those. I can see them as I look down towards my feet. I can even smell the leather. I am willing myself to win.

It is only because I am a good bloggy friend that I am telling you this, but you can enter her contest too. You must visit her blog and demand that she choose Leslie. leave her a comment. I wish I could say that I hope you win. Well, I can say it, but I honestly won't feel it. You see, I reeaally want to win. So let me just say this, Good Luck! There. That's appropriate!

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Vanessa Rogers said...

I hope you win too!

OHmommy said...

You are funny. I am crossing my fingers for you.

Are you really in Chile? I was in Peru/Bolivia some time ago and never made it to Chile.

Next time I'll make it to Chile/Argentina. I can't wait. I love love LOVE to travel.

The White Family said...

I sure hope you win because those boots are fantasic! They would look great on you. :o)

Anonymous said...

Dang - those ARE cute. Wishing you lotsa luck!!

♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

Good Luck girlie!
I entered too, although I dont feel the power you do.

And I am sooo happy to have you twittering with me! :) Yipee!!

Ashley said...

Oh, thanks! I gave you a little bloggy love/hate for finding this awesome giveaway. Ha!