Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Bakery. And take #3 on Donuts.

Today we didn't do too much. We cleaned. And then we decided to try out a new bakery. It isn't too far away, but we still had to drive. The other one that we usually go to is within walking distance of our building. The reason that we chose to go over there, was because we have been told that they have been voted the home of the best empanadas in Santiago. We were given this little bit of information by one of the locals. So they must know what they are talking about, right?

If you aren't familiar with empanadas, they are basically a pastry type thing usually stuffed with cheese and or meats. They are delicious, and worth a try if you have never had them before. They come with two types of crusts. The first is more of a doughy bread like exterior, and the second is very flaky and light. The flaky ones are my favorites.

So when we pulled up to the place today, there was a long line. And it remained long the whole time we were there. People just kept coming. When we left... the line was still long. I took my camera with me because my mother was asking for pictures of the bakery that we always go to. I have been raving about how nice it is. Sorry mom, I didn't get pictures of that one, but I did take pictures of the one that we were in today.

The empanadas, by the way, were fabulous. I also wanted to relay my latest donut experience with you.

We bought this little gem. Just for me. I wanted to give this place the benefit of the doubt. I mean, ALL donuts made in Santiago couldn't be bad, could they?? I was about to find out. I cautiously set it down and took pictures. For it looks fabulous, delicious even. Don't you agree?

This particular donut is a creme filled (like custard in the states) chocolate iced donut. I was very hesitant as I took my first bite. It was soft. Fresh. Brownie points to them for getting something right. The creme was good, not overly sweet. But the chocolate was not what I was hoping for. And that's 3 for 3. I am quite sure now that they use the unsweetened chocolate to ice these donuts with. In 3 separate locations the chocolate has been the same. Not sweet and hard. But in this instance, at least the freshness of the donut and the creme, really hid the fact that the chocolate wasn't sweet enough. Not like a chocolate covered donut you would purchase back home. It looks pretty sure, but I'd like to get that good gooey chocolaty taste to go along with it. I guess I will just have to wait.

Tomorrow I will be reporting on their birthday cakes. I don't think I posted anything on my blog about the cake when Alexa turned 2. But Eddie's birthday is tomorrow, and we have ordered a cake for him. Pictures to follow. So stay tuned!


Sybila said...

Hi Les;
The donut looked great. Thanks for the photos.
Dad and I went out and about today and I ended up at Dillards. Guess what? They were having a super dooper sale on Coach and Dooney handbags. I came home with a beauty. $100 off the orig. price.
I am a happy woman.
Know Eddie is excited about his birthday tomorrow.
Love ya;

Stethoscopes and Stilettos said...

You're like, the third post I've read today about donuts....damn it, now I need one.

Melissa said...

sorry that it was another strike out! I'm not a big donut fan, so I probably wouldn't be missing donuts too much if I moved abroad somewhere. I can't even remember the last time I had a donut..... For sure not in the last year or two. Haven't even been to a DD! LOL!

Can't wait to hear about Eddie's birthday! Happy birthday to the big boy! :o)

Sybila said...

Great big 4 years old today!
Love and kisses;
Nana and Tito
Tucson, Az

Vicki said...

Can you believe that your 1st born is now 4yrs old??? We miss being able to be with you guys and the bday celebration!!!!

The bakery photos look yummy.
Wish we had some good bread here in Tucson---tortillas anyone
Love ya!

Angie's Spot said...

That doughnut looks so yummy! I'm not sure if I could control my disdain if I bit into it and didn't taste that sweet chocolatey goodness. LOL! And the line outside that bakery was nuts.

I haven't had any empanadas in quite a while, but they are definitely yummy!