Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I got Eddie dressed and headed out the door to walk him to his preschool class. When we arrived at the door, I was greeted by one of the teachers/administrators, or Tia's as they like to refer to them. (Which by the way, means Aunt.) So yeah, I'm standing there and this woman looks at me as if I had pie on my face. Not like a little bit of whipped cream topping, but a whole lotta goop from some insanely delicious French Silk pie, with the chocolate all smeared this way and that as I was having my way with the helpless sugary mound and I couldn't help myself while I shoved my face head first into it's deliciousness.

I didn't quite understand her look, as I know with absolute certainty, that I had not consumed any such pie in the last 6-8 months. At the very least. So I looked weirdly back at her. And she spoke in mangled English. "Eh, no e'skool two-day." Huh?

I look around and clearly see that I am the only parent with the only child there at the school. D'oh! But seriously, I was mad then. Not only feeling like a huge m.o.r.o.n. but I was mad. I was mad because they had a BIG sign posted at the front door yesterday to remind the parents to bring un caja de galletas, y jugo por sus ninos. (Cookies and juice.) But why? Why? If they were to be closed? I was stumped. And the Tia who stood before me didn't have an explanation in English. Again, feeling like a dork.

The sad part was that I had to turn around and leave with my son. My son, who by the way hung his head down as we walked away. He was sad that he couldn't stay at his school and play with the children that he didn't really understand were not there. I felt sorry for him. And that made me even madder.

I called dh when we got home and gave him a lovely ear full. I know it wasn't his fault, but I didn't have anyone else to express my frustrations to. So he gave them a call to find out what was going on. Apparently, they had both day and afternoon classes come together in the morning. (Eddie attends in the afternoon.) Oh! I see!

Thanks for the memo. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Just knowing that I am the only parent with a child attending their school that does not speak Spanish, and I myself, clearly not bilingual and most days stuck in my fuzzy understanding of the language, was left without a friendly "heads up."

Good looking out on that one guys. Bite me.

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Vanessa Rogers said...

I found your blog randomly but I thought I would comment because I an from Texas but taught English in Chile for 8 months, Pichilemu to be exact. I didn't speak Spanish very well, and Chilean Spanish is even harder-po. It was always so very frustrating.

Susan said...

That's terrible! They should be getting someone who speaks at least a little bit of English to communicate with you are at a minimum sending home a paper or something so that your husband can translate the information to you.

Vicki said...

You poor thing! That must have been so awful!!! UGH GRRRRR

Poor Eddie too!! I hate that he was disappointed that way.

It was rude to not inform you --ESPECIALLY since they know you do NOT speak the language..

Don't worry... There's no place like home.. There's no place like home!

Love ya!

Shannon said...

I would have been incredibly frustrated, too. Ugh!

And poor little Eddie... that stinks that he was sad about not being able to have school :(

Steph said...

OMG! I'm so behind! Please forgive me!

I agree, there needs to be someone there who at least can give you some idea in English what the heck is going on. *shakes head*

I do hope that Monday is better for you both! :)