Monday, December 31, 2007

tonight's forecast

It's not looking good bud. I can tell you that right now. Though I sit in a peacefully quiet house, I know all too soon the chaos is coming. And quickly. It may even happen before I end this post. Sad.

I don't even much care that this is the last night of 2007. I don't care to watch the ball drop. I don't care to watch thousands partying around the world. What might please me most at this moment, would be continued peace and quiet. And to crawl into bed, unbothered. And sleep. Unbothered still

However that's not highly likely. Lacka is sleeping in her lilac lamb covered fleece footed jammies. Ah, what peace it is to have her life. Not a care in the world. And so much love.....

She's such a sweet baby.

I made two graphics to help celebrate the holiday. There is a bottle of champagne laying abandoned in the floorboard of my car. Sad.

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