Sunday, December 9, 2007

Blah, and more blah.

This is me.

Today. Yesterday. And really, the day before that too. Unfortunately, life dictates to me that I am not really allowed to actually get any rest at all. So the feeling bad part is mostly done standing up. I haven't felt my normal self in days. I do blame dh as he was hacking pretty good the week and half previous. And Miss Alexa is now working on a nasty cough of her own. I have her sleeping with the humidifier right now. And pretty soon, I'm sure it will be Eddie's turn. The two of them can't stop sharing drinks and he constantly steals her binky and thinks it's ok to suck on it here and there. Ugh! So, like I said, he's next.

We got our Christmas tree. Yay! I was going to take pictures last night, but it fell over. And when I woke up, the decorations were all over the floor! I do think it looked prettier yesterday. Eddie helped to decorate it. Which really meant that he carried around a few ornaments and he would put them on a branch and then take them back off and put them somewhere else. He did that the whole time. Although I will say that he enjoyed that very much.

Today dh went outside and grabbed some strangers off the street who were browsing at the vacant house across the street, and brought them through our very mess house. I was pretty steamed about that. I mean, if they were thinking about buying one, my dirty house certainly had to have turned them off. In fact, I think they might even be moving to another state altogether. Hmmm. I mean. Who does that? Who pulls people into their house off the street in hopes that they will love it and make an offer??? Really??? Did he show them the red craft paint stain? Or the crooked blinds in the dining room? Oh man, I couldn't even bear to be in the house at the same time. I came outside and sat until they left.

My throat is still itchy and I have like this nothing cough. It's itchy and I need to cough, but there is nothing there. It's like a phantom cough. Almost like I'm not really sick. I feel awful and completely drained. I just want to feel better so I can make fudge. And cookies. I am still not finished Christmas shopping yet.

Oh and dh's birthday is 4 days before Christmas. So he's going to get a Merry Birthday gift, like he gets every year. And then maybe we will go out to dinner. Because that's what I want to do. I think I need to line up some babysitters for that night. Oh yeah, he works swings. I forget. OH well, maybe I can go out to dinner. Nah. I better take him.

Well, Mario Lopez is in a Christmas movie and I NEED to go see him. I mean, that movie. Gotta run! Ciao~

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