Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The calm before the storm.

So to speak. As calm as it can be while Eddie and Alexa keep running up and down the hall. They alternate rooms to run into. First they run into Eddie's room. Then they head into the bathroom and turn on the faucets and play. Next they run into the laundry room. And I never like them in there since the litter is kept there. Lord knows only what they can find to play with in there. I hear screams in nearly every room they enter. I wonder if it is just for fun, or if Eddie is tormenting his little sister. Today I thought that just maybe I had closed the cat in the dryer. Can you even imagine how hideous that is? I didn't. But I'm trying to rationalize my dryer door throwing itself open with such force it banged into the wall really loud. Pretty loudly. How does that happen? I'm open to all theories. I was home alone, and in another room.

My step-kids have officially landed at Sky Harbor International. Oh the joys. If having two under one roof wasn't enough fun. And we no longer have a car large enough for 2 car seats, one teenager and one pre-teen. (Is nine a pre-teen?) Well, if we decide to all go somewhere as a family, it is going to involve 2 cars. *sigh* Eddie just ran in here and climbed into the crib with Alexa. Because he can. Because he is two. (and a half) And because why on earth would he want to sit in the other room watching Shrek 3 when he could be in here keeping her awake?

I don't know. But like I said before, the kids have arrived. The once chaotic household I knew is about to take on new life. And the fridge is still dirty. I refuse to throw out the stuff that needs to be thrown out. I am seriously going to let it sit there until it grows arms and legs and starts eating the other things in there. It's dh's turn. Because honestly it's always my turn and I just don't feel like doing it right now. He can do it. And if he wants a Coke, he is going to have to move the moldy 2 week old chicken in order to get to it. Or if he wants orange juice or eggs he might have to push past the hairy pot roast that my mother made us last month.

Oh fun times. Anyway. I better let Alexa get some sleep. I think my typing is making her want to play. And Eddie is getting restless in the other room. Oh yeah... his bed is now in our room again. Since we only have a 3 bedroom house, we have taken Eddie out of his room to give our teenage son the privacy. Wow. That seems weird. I still remember washing his hair in the bathtub.

Ok, time to go. I think I need to call and see where they are at. It's all about to break loose here shortly. But here's a pic or two for your perusal. Thanks for stopping by!

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