Saturday, December 29, 2007

How strong I am.

Tonight was a bundle of joy. And if you bought that, I am in the market to sell my home. So just shoot me an email and I will get in touch with you. My stress level has been tested.

But on a happy note, I did get a new pair of Jam-Jam bottoms, and the kids each got something cute and or on sale. Weee. Got to love that. Well, I do. I'm ready to surgically remove my larynx. My throat hurts. And I was trying to blame it on mom's super spicy cooking. (sorry mom) But it's official, I have caught yet just one more fun and exciting virus. It's 8:35 and my daughter is sitting in my lap. Does anyone know what's wrong with that?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller??

Ok, so yeah. It's past her bedtime. Of course dh can't get her to go to bed. He never puts her to bed. And stinker that she is.... she knows it. So it's just all wrong for her. Alyssa (my step-daughter) has confirmed that they actually did try to get her to go to sleep. And she cried, and cried. Hence, why she is sitting in my lap while I blog. She's sleepy though, and about to knock off. Which will make my blog posting go alot smoother momentarily.

Anyway, my step-kids are here. They are very large. Tall. Devon weighs about 108, so said my bathroom scale. And according to my eye scale in my head, standing next to me, I would say that he is about 5'4" tall. He's gaining on me. And his 14 year old feet are 10.5. Whoa! Same size as dh! Those boy feet are no longer. He's been pretty respectful this trip. Of course it's still early. They've really only been here 3 days. There's still time for them to muck it all up.

My dh did call to tell them to bring jackets with them. I shouldn't at all be surprised that their moron of a mother forgot to pack her daughter's. And it's been in the 30's here in the mornings. Really cold!!! So she's been wearing a tiny jacket in a smaller size, plus my sweater to layer up. Poor thing. I do feel sorry for her. Her mother has since had two new children with an adulterous man and doesn't have time to take care of Alyssa. At least that is my take on it. When she comes here with her hair looking like a bird's nest, I can't help but wonder if her mother ever spends time with her showing her how to comb her hair. It reminds me of the old days when she would do the same. Pity.

Anyway, all I can say is so far so good. I haven't had to strangle either one of them. Or wanted to really. Now Eddie on the other hand...... he refused to take a nap today. And he cried so hard that he made himself throw up. That was heavenly bliss for me. Dh worked today. Lovely.


And then this evening we went to In n' Out Burger. I'm pretty sure that I will never go there again. Unless of course all the other food sources in the world dried up, closed down, and this were the last place there was to eat on earth. But just maybe. Because the place was seriously standing room only. And we were a party of 9. Looking to get some tables together. And it wasn't like you were going to go stand in line to order your food, only to stand around and not have a table to sit. Those people that were standing around were circling the other tables like vultures. When anyone would get up, the patrons would make a mad dash for the table. Even if they were just going to get a refill on their drinks. Amazingly, we got 3 tables together. I'm not even going to tell you how long it took us to do that. Meanwhile, I had two seriously hungry toddlers. So we had to get their food first. I got a little worried when they told me that I was number 25 and they were only on number 12. Yeah. It was kind of concerning. While we were among the sitters, we had people eyeballing our drinks, our sandwiches and the levels on our fries. They were scoping us out to see how soon we might be leaving. It was kind of scary. So honestly, this is not someplace I am going to willingly walk into again. With kids. And not just my two kids, my step-kids as well. Especially on a day like I had already had. Watching my son throw up just because he can doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. In fact it makes me kind of mad. Mad that he is so stubborn that he won't listen to me and just take a nap like a normal toddler.

*sigh* Oh and on another happy note I love my new camera. I have taken some more pics. So here are just a couple more. Let's hope tomorrow goes better for me, 'eh???

Here is a picture of Devon and Alexa. I like this one because he makes her look so small!

This is how Alexa fell asleep today. aww!!

And here is a picture of Miss Alyssa.

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