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Military Wives

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This post is a part II of my Q and A from yesterday.

Casey, as I started to answer your question, my answer just kept going and going. And then it went on some more. It was like a bad run on sentence. And in some places, I feel it didn't really make any sense. But I think it's important enough that I give it it's own attention. I wanted to address it properly. And I don't want anyone to misconstrue anything that I have to say.

So for those of you who would like to know also, here is her question:

Do you think you are the typical officer's wife, or the atypical officer's wife, and why?

Well, I think this would qualify as the toughest question thus far. I'm not exactly sure what typical is. I think some people have opinions of what officer's wives are to be like. So unfortunately it's purely subjective as to what the typical wife is.

I can however address an opinion that I have personally heard. Possessing an attitude of grandeur that correlates directly with husband's rank.

I have known some officers wives, and I can tell you that I have met a few that could easily qualify and fit into the above described category. I have also met many more totally kind hearted and generous women who don't display a single diva-ish bone in their bodies.

I also think I don't really fit into a category of what an officer's wife should be. I have been married to my husband for 8 1/2 years. And for the first 4 years, he was enlisted. I honestly felt very proud of him for what he had accomplished prior to becoming his wife. When I stood by, and encouraged him and supported him through finishing his education, I couldn't have been more proud to see him selected to attend Officer Training School. I felt that he worked hard to get there. He sweated hard along side the best and hardest working men and women in the Air Force. And he most certainly logged his time. I am very happy to see him achieve his goals.

I don't think I am typical in any sense of the word. Sometimes I think that officers wives have gotten a bad rap. Now by saying this, I'm not saying that I agree with the negative statement that I mentioned above. But I have heard it before.

What I can tell you, is that I don't define myself as an officer's wife. I just say that I am an Air Force wife, or in general, a military wife. My husband wears a uniform, and I like that when he goes to work, he has a part in defending our great nation. And I honor and respect every single person who wears any one of our military uniforms.

I can also tell you that I have even deeper respect for the women who have husbands who are deployed, as their sacrifice is much greater than mine. The typical military wife does make sacrifices on a daily basis, when she is pulled away from her family, and asked to move across the country every few years. Sometimes even out of the country. The wives who stand guard on the homefront, they are true heros too. They have the ultimate strength, and I am not even sure that I could stand in their shoes.

Though I may have strayed off topic just a bit, I can say that these are the things that come to mind when I am asked about the typical officers wife. I don't know what anyone else thinks about, but these are some of my thoughts. And I don't think I am any different than any other woman out there who is married to a man in the Air Force.

I like to think that we all as humans have a lot to learn from one another. I tend to want to see the very best that we have to offer. I would also like to add that I have a sense of pride in what my husband does every day for his job. In that sense, maybe I am typical. I think that many of the Air Force (and military) wives also feel this way.

As a whole, I believe that military wives are a very special breed. We have to endure things that other wives simply do not. We are unique, patient, and accomodating with the unknowns that are constantly thrust upon us. So, to answer your question, yes and no. I'm a regular girl who married a guy in the Air Force. I love what we stand for. And I am happy to know other wives who share this passion.

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Spoiled Mommy said...

I dont know you as a "officers wife"...I just know that you are a wonderful, caring and pretty darn funny person who writes an awesome blog and has 2 gorgeous children! :)

Casey said...

Nice answer! I agree that officer's wives, particularly in the AF, get a bad rap. One that, unfortunately, some wives continue to carry on. However, I think most wives think like you an I do. We are military wives. Our husband does the job, not us. Thanks for answering!

The White Family said...

Thanks so much for sharing that!! You have so much of my respect and thank you so much for what your husband does. :o) Have a great weekend.

Mama Smurf said...

Well said!

I like you.

That is all...

Vicki said...

I Like you too!!
I'm glad and happy and proud that you are my sister!

I got lucky when they passed out sisters!!

Love ya!
Your Sis

Karin Katherine said...

Very interesting. I was previously married (too long a story)to a military man and I recall quite clearly being told by the other wives that MY RANK was my husband's rank. I didn't fit in with these miserable women----and these particular women were truly miserable. I felt like I had not enlisted so I wasn't sure how I was supposed to know the ins and outs of military protocol(my husband was previously enlisted and now was guard duty but this base was mixed). Since then I've met WONDERFUL military wives and I only wish when I was married my husband would have been working at their base. It would have made things so much better. I truly admire military wives and what they sacrifice for our country alongside their husbands. So thank-you!

Elizabeth said...

as an officer's wife myself i think i worry that people think that i am judging them on the rank of their husbands so i try to never never act like a snooty military wife. i have met some very pretentious wives on both sides of the court...i hope i'm jsut never one of them. :-)