Thursday, January 17, 2008

Psycho shopping.

I'm wondering when if ever, I will be able to just drive by and stop into a store with my kids. Like say the mood strikes me, without any planning ahead, and I want to browse through a store that is on my way home, could I do that? Not tonight. If you would have been in the Mervyn's on the Southwest side of town, I would have been the mom with the double stroller and the kids screaming and hitting each other.

Eddie was crying and whining at the same time, "I don't want to act crazy mommy. I don't want to be bad." All the while he is turning around in the front seat of the stroller and hitting Alexa. Alexa was just as guilty though. She was antagonizing him right back. She was kicking and pulling on his seat back. When he would turn around, she would hit him in the face. And then he hits her back. Screaming erupts and I barely spent 20 minutes in the store. Eddie did manage to swipe a shoe from the shoe dept. and an outfit from the kids dept. We were over near mens wear when I discovered these items.

I suppose it could have been worse. They could have both vomited or something like that. I don't know what I was thinking, but those two were awful in there. I don't think I will do that again for a long while. Or at least unless I have help with me.

Ok, Grey's is coming on. So I have to get out of here. Oh this is my favorite time of day. BED TIME!!!!!!!

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