Sunday, January 13, 2008

Petechial rash.

So today we have some new symptom. But what's the underlying cause? When I undressed Alexa today I found this.

On top of having a double ear infection and an upper respiratory infection, my daughter now has petechia. (puh-teek-ee-eye) Of course I was concerned about this, as this isn't a normal allergic response. So I took her back to the Urgent Care center where she was seen on Friday. I wanted to have medical professionals take a closer look.

I've been told that it could be something, or it could be nothing. Reassuring, no?

Well. I was asked if we applied a tourniquet. Interesting, but no. I was asked if she had possibly taken a large amount of aspirin. Also no. Especially interesting since she was playing, laughing, running, eating and sleeping normally. So. The Doctor on duty did tell me that he feels that there may be a possibility of a peri-infectious process going on. Meaning that her body is dealing with several infections at once, also topped with the previous skin rash that she had about a week and half ago. Lovely. On a side note he did decide to discontinue her amoxicillin and go with another antibiotic to be safe. Even though he strongly feels that the amoxicillin is not to blame. He wants me to follow up with my pediatrician and possibly do skin testing for the penicillin family in the future. Also... he said that this might be caused by trauma. And I'm thinking fabulous. My son is dragging her by the arm, and he's done this to her. Oh joy.

Well, on the bright side, it is very localized. And the girl can't sit still. She's playing like there is no tomorrow. She's happy and her cough is improving. We'll see how this goes. But I wanted to blog about this so that anyone else out there reading could see a true petechial rash. It was tough to get these pictures, as she was moving around like a little puppy dog. So considering that, I did a pretty good job.

Have to run now. The kids are giving dh a hard time!

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