Friday, January 11, 2008

Can someone get me a shot of that Tylenol with Codeine??

Ok, now does this look like a sick kid to you?? Maybe a cute one. But not sick so much. I actually took this picture this morning. When she was at her happiest. But then again, it all went downhill fast. Considering that she was up for 2.5 hours in the wee hours this morning she looks pretty darn chipper.

And how about this picture? Look a little more like she's sliding down that slope? Nah? Still cute?

Well here's the diagnosis. Bilateral otitis media, with an upper respiratory infection to boot.

She started off not sleeping last night. And then again for her nap. Her nasty cough only got worse and she was having trouble napping even. Which totally bites. I started off her morning with some albuterol because I heard her wheezing. Poor thing. I called the clinic and their computers were down. So of course I couldn't get an appointment. I took her to urgent care. Where on the way, she threw up in the car. As I pulled over in front of this woman's house, she was super kind an offered a towel or wipes. But I declined and cleaned her up and went on my way. I felt bad enough about parking there in her front drive and throwing out chunks of baby vomit as it was. So I didn't want to dirty her towels too. Alexa was kind enough to keep the vomit all to herself in her lap. My new car smell is now forever gone.

After arriving at the urgent care with a naked baby, I quickly grabbed her up and went inside. I wanted to get our name on the list so we could hurry up and wait. I dressed her inside the clinic and had all kinds of weird stares. I told the girl behind the counter that my daughter had just thrown up and that's why she isn't dressed. She looked at me as if I told her that Ron Jon surf shop in Florida was having a sale and today was their last day. Basically, she was unmoved. She didn't even smile, or offer a sympathetic anything. I wanted to bash her nineteen year old face in with that ugly brown clipboard. Patience. As I in my wisdom knew that the only people who could be so sympathetic are the ones who have been in those shoes. The ones who are mothers or fathers themselves. And this kid obviously was not. Just bothered by me, my comments, and she was just there to do a job. So I turned heel and took a seat and dressed my child. Some other mothers in the place had a more sympathetic look on their faces. A few even talked with me. After an hour in the evil urgent care center, I went to ask how long I would be waiting and how many people were ahead of me. I was told about 7 and it could be an hour or more longer.

I was a bit disturbed that they didn't take pediatric respiratory cases and maybe bump them up a few spaces. I mean, after all. My child was the only child in the place who was screaming inconsolably. I asked for my ID back and I told them I was leaving. I drove 5 miles down the road to another urgent care, walked right in, and was seen. It was like night and day. I felt like I had left the city or something. What were those people over there doing wrong? I couldn't tell you. But I was just happy to be taken care of. My daughter needed to be seen, and she needed medication.

So. We have amoxicillin for the ear infection. We also have a lovely tylenol with codeine to help her sleep and for the pain. I was also ok'd to treat her again for any wheezing she may have. As I thanked him for respecting my ability to identify an actual wheeze, we left. There still was not a soul in that waiting room. Strange, considering half the town was sitting in the other urgent care center.

She's now sleeping with the humidifier on, and towels rolled up under her mattress to give her a little boost under her head. I hope it all helps. Dh is leaving for the Dominican on Monday and will be gone for a week. Boo.

Just let me get these kids feeling better. Just let Eddie stay feeling better. I don't need him sick too. Ok, gotta go. I'm really tired.

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