Monday, January 7, 2008

Back to normal.

The big kids are gone. And the little kids have ransacked the house. Even after our extreme attempts at making it presentable for a negligible showing during our open house on Saturday. Well, you know if we would have left the place littered with toys and clothes that we would have had 5 to 10 people come banging on our door. And that's how it works. Clean it up, and nobody shows. Leave it dirty and the whole neighborhood will come by.

Devon and Alyssa had a very nice visit with us. I think it went by very fast. Lightning speed in fact. I didn't take enough pictures. And Devon being 14 and way too cool to take pictures didn't help my cause any. But still all in all, it went smoothly.

I like the fact that I didn't lose my cool. I didn't secretly boil under my skin at any time during their visit. Most times I do. Because of course they say or do something that leaves me wondering who told them that? Or who has been mothering these kids? A pack of wolves? I have an extreme amount of discontent for their mother and how she has chosen to live her life. What's more is that I feel immensely sad for the way that she is inflicting her bottom of the barrel values and beliefs into these kids. They are really good kids. And I try hard as a human being to be the better person.

But she is as bottom of the barrel as they come. It's a real freak of nature that she ever married my husband in the first place. We'll just chalk that up to teenage STUPIDITY on his part. And we all make mistakes, so I'm going to have to forgive him this one. No matter, two lovely children came out of it. And we have to try to correct all the wrongs done in 6 months, over the period of 10 days. Seemingly impossible right?? Well.... I can't give up on them.

Especially when they have such big hearts. Devon told me that he loved me when he left for the plane. Awwww.....And Alyssa left me a note to open after they left. It said that she misses us all every day and she wished she could come and stay with us all the time. I kind of wonder what she really means by that. Is she saying something more? Is she really trying to express how she honestly feels? Or is it just meant to make us feel better. Kids are really smart that way. And I'm not a psychiatrist. All I know is that my mother never tries to choke me. And yes, I really do mean physically choking me. (as in Alyssa told me that her grandmother and her mom got into a nasty curse word using name calling fight where the outcome was grandma choking out momma.) Nice. Really nice. And classy too. They did this in a public place with her little brother and sister there. (Her sister is 5 months older than Eddie, so she's 3, and the little brother is 11 days older than Alexa, so he's 16 months.) Yes, my step-children have a lot of siblings.

I'm not even going to go into the fact that when Devon was younger, he was told by his mother that when his dad (my dh) and I started to have kids, that we wouldn't love him anymore. And then mother of the year she is, she goes and gets pregnant first. WHAT A LOSER! But I'm not going to go there.

I'm just going to say that these kids have a very poor role model. Two very poor role models. As her live in boyfriend who fathered her child #3 and #4 is just as much a lowlife. Where on earth do they come from? The stature of these characters are the type you might normally see on any episode of Cops. Anyway.....

I don't want to blab on and on about them, as they honestly didn't deserve any time on my blog. But I just need to vent every once in a while. I'm not stressed about any one thing, I just feel bad for them that they have to live there with those two.

So, it's time to go and do something productive with my day. Like figure out where in the world my dh disappeared to. It's his last day off before he returns to work, and where is he? I've got only one guess. WORK. Yes, I know he is, without even asking him. He's there. Checking his emails. I can't wait until he gets out of that job. He's an overachiever. And he needs a more relaxing job. Like maybe he should take up gardening. Or dog walking. Or cooking. We could open up a his and hers bakery. That would be fun.

ok, must run. Must find dh!

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