Thursday, January 10, 2008

No. Stop that. Come here.

Don't touch that. Get your fingers out of your mouth. Get that thing out of your mouth. Don't put that in your sister's mouth. Leave her hair thingy alone. Aaggghhh! Now her hair is all messed up. Stop running, Eddieeeeee!!!Alexa, hold mommy's hand. Yes, you have to. Get off the ground. It's either you hold my hand or I'm carrying you. Good, go ahead and cry.

Eddie let's go. No. We can't stay here all day long. Ok. I understand that you want to do it yourself, but you need to get in the car. Get in your car seat. Now, let's go. No. I don't have cheese in the car. No, I don't have graham crackers right now either.

And I don't know what on earth possessed me to take them to the BX tonight either. Maybe it was Nana and Tito. Yeah, it's fair to say that it was.

My kids were running around and they looked like monkeys. There were other people in the BX with kids. And strollers. Both of my strollers were in a very good place. Our garage. Note to self, put the large stroller in the car for instances such as these. At least I could strap them in and they couldn't move. Kind of like jail. Or like a straight jacket. But they serve the same purpose. Confinement. My children do not like to be confined. They are much like birds. They love to soar and explore. Far and away from me. T

hey laughed and they ran. They tried with all their might to hang on those little divider thingies. You know the kind. The ones that they have to corral people into lines at restaurants and at movies, also in banks. Well those things are like major kid magnets. No child on this earth is immune to their draw. They get sucked in to their wondrous beauty. Kids are captivated by them and are unable to keep their hands from pulling on them. Of course they are kind of flimsy so it's very easy to knock them over. Both of my children were trying hard to do exactly that. So, try as you might to order some food, it's a daunting task at hand when your two toddlers (one at nearly 3 and the other just 16 months) are running freely throughout the food court.

So I managed to order food and eat. And feed the children. Lacka almost fell out of the chair. I caught her with my leg. Only because both of my hands were full. Once my father saw that she was leaning over, he grabbed her. It all happened in a split second. But still, it was kind of funny. And no, I wasn't going to put her into a high chair. She thinks that she is a big girl and certainly she needs to sit in a chair like her big brother does.

I'm at home now and one might think that relief has come just to be in our home. Well it hasn't. The kids have been fighting, mainly because that's what they do. They fight. Eddie only wants toys that Alexa seems to be playing with at the time. He loses interest as soon as she does. He has pushed her down several times, and he has fallen several times as well. Crying is a must at every half hour. Alexa is coughing pretty badly. And I haven't stopped yelling. About pushing, grabbing, hitting, jumping on the bed, taking her toys, listening, not listening, chewing on Alexa's hair thingies, slamming the door, pushing the door into Alexa, staying out of the kitty's room (litter room) leaving the kitty alone, staying out of the fridge. Man do I sound like some kind of meanie?

The kids are now turning their milk cups upside down and spilling it everywhere. Just because it's fun. I have to go round them up now as they have left the room. Surely they are doing something awful in there. I just know it.

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