Monday, October 15, 2007

What a weekend!

I'm thankful that it's over. I feel like I'm hopped up on 10 cups of coffee, 2 packs of oreos, and a giant sized bag of candy corn. I know, just the sound of that makes me sick. But I feel like I'm on speed during the weekends. I imagine Superman, only me, being female and not wearing the get-up. Imagine what it would look like when he runs around at really high speeds and does things in that super-human lickety-split fast motion. Well, that's me. That's what I'm trying to describe.

During those days where I have my two children home with me ALL day long, I run around like that. I wake up in the morning at 6 a.m. And that's if I'm lucky. I wake up that early to start my routine. Both my children are demanding of MILK. I mean, the first words out of Eddie's mouth in the morning are "I want milk mommy, get it to me." Ah.... the improving grammar of a toddler. You gotta just love it! (speaking of grammar, please ignore my ill worded sentence there. It just sounds better.) Anyway, he's telling me one thing and I hear Lacka crying in the other room. Now she sleeps stupendously for me, puts herself to sleep, on occasion will wake up in the wee morning hours, but again, puts herself back to sleep. And then proceeds to sleep for a good 11 hours. I can't even tell you how totally excited I am about that. Especially considering the fact that it took her nearly 10 months of her life to do it! And then at the 10 month mark when she decided to start being an angel and letting mommy get some well deserved rest after being up with her all of those months, child number one decides to press my buttons. Yes. He wakes up about 3 times a night now. He's broken and we can't fix him. I'm at my wits end. And my lovely husband is content to let him sleep in our bed. What, until he's sixteen????? I'm thinking, my husband's crazy. I have been the whip-cracker in my household and it's been a tough challenge to make my husband care as much as I do that this child needs to sleep in his own bed. You see, my husband is very laid back and relaxed. Not much bothers him. But this bothers me. I like my bed. I like it to be MY BED! I don't want my adoring son in my bed. You see, they become a little less adoring when they are hogging your covers, and when their sized 9 toddler foot goes into your ribs. Unsuspecting, as you were sleeping and dreaming about something chocolate and finding some amazing sale at Macy's, while some gorgeous sales clerk was ringing you up. And then THUD! Into your ribs and a pain shoots downwards and upwards. And your dream of Godiva chocolate and handsome sales clerks goes out the window. You are awaken by your "adoring" son. You wonder, why is he in this bed? Why did your husband just not take him back?

Oh jeez. And this type of thing goes on and on at my house every night. We take him back. And inevitably, he sneaks back in, when we are exhausted. Why couldn't he just give up the fight and stay in his room? Anyway, we get up and change diapers. I turn on the Disney channel and we watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse. And Handy Manny. And Little Einsteins. But by then, real hunger kicks in. Eddie starts asking for Lo-Gos. (which are really Yo-Go's yogurt covered fruit snacks. Very big in our household) Or he will just go into the freezer and get out the waffles. He loves waffles and I'm quite sure, he could eat those every day. And my daughter starts saying, "See-yoh, See-hoh, See-yoh." It only took me a short time to figure that one out. She's saying cereal! CEREAL! Oh, ok I get it! Ok, so If I don't make something like french toast or my husband doesn't make eggs, which they both love, I will go ahead and either make them waffles or cereal followed by yogurt and a banana. And don't you know it, those two are bottomless pits when it comes to breakfast items.

They eat, make a huge mess. And then proceed to destroy the living room. Now yesterday during their attempt to destroy the room, Alexa managed to pull off the door to the entertainment center. No. She's not superhuman baby. It was previously broken by my son. He had managed to slam it so many times, and open it further and further that it broke off from the top hinges. And it was merely dangling by its bottom hinges. And Alexa figured it needed to come off. So she yanked it right off. I guess it must have scared her since she began to cry when it fell on the ground. Boo. Hoo. The door broke and now she couldn't swing it any more. Now my house looks really bad. It doesn't look so bad with all of the children's toys scattered everywhere, but it looks bad because they are slowly ruining the carpet and the furniture. And the blinds. They pull off the vertical blinds one by one. Or bend them. They look just sad.

And we are trying to sell our house. We might actually have to pay someone to come in here and take it! AH! Ok it's not really that bad. But its certainly not for lack of them trying. Eddie throws things. Toys. Mostly heavy toys. He flings them and they hit and dent the wall. Sometimes big, sometimes not so big. But if they are crappy toys with lead paint, then said crappy lead paint comes off on my walls. (hopefully we don't really have any of those toys. Previously or soon to be recalled. I pray we don't) But anyway, don't you hate it when the paint comes off of one surface so easily yet won't come off the wall as easily?? And instead of wiping or scrubbing it down with some cleaner, you are left re-painting it??

I'm not even going to mention potty breaks because Eddie is currently in denial about pooping. He's incredibly smart and will tell you when he needs to go, and right after he will ask you to clean his butt. But he is totally in denial about actually sitting on the potty and making poop. He really does have the whole Pee thing down pat. He's doing so well, and I'm proud of that. But at this rate, I think Alexa might be out of diapers before him. She's so fast with learning things. She sits on the little potty a lot and I think she would catch on quickly. Eddie just refuses to go. Ah. Another head ache.

The fighting though is the worst. My kids are learning. What aren't they learning. Eddie pushes Alexa. Alexa slaps him. He pushes her, and she pulls his hair. He used to take her toys, now she is fighting back. She's about a head shorter than him. (her latest stats had her at 31 inches and greater than the 97% for her height) So she's pretty tall. And people tend to think she's older. But she is kind of feisty. She is starting to slap, hit and pinch her brother. All in the name of defending her Elmo doll. Of course Eddie still thinks all of the toys belong to him. Aye- ya-aye!!! It's nearly constant. I have to watch out for him not pushing her down, hurting her and tackling her. And then I have to watch out for her that she isn't slapping, pinching hitting pulling hair and or either biting him! As she did once recently. They're at it!

And I suppose if you ask all of those well seasoned mothers.... they'll tell you. That's what you get for having two so close in age. I had no idea. Oh. My. Goodness. I'm tired and my back hurts and it isn't even noon most of the time. When oh when will they start to act normal? My sweet baby girl who just turned one, almost in an instant went from sweet, to toddler. Anyone with a toddler truly knows what that means. It means that the once quiet and tame little baby they had has now developed a personality, wants and demands really. And a newfound attitude that is determined to be heard. She almost changed overnight from her first birthday. She is starting to have more tantrums. She wants more, she wants to do what Eddie is doing. She wants to eat everything in sight. And she wants to do it, have it, eat it, see it, play with it, take it, RIGHT NOW!!! By George I don't know which of my children is more aggressive. Why can't they just sit there quietly and play together nicely??

Alexa and Eddie. Ah the kiddos. I'm starting to get the twin comment a lot now. I've had at least 6 comments so far by people asking if they are twins. Umm.... no. But they sure feel like it. They want the same toys, want to eat at the same time. They fight and are demanding. yeah, they're my twins. My twins that gave me 16 months 3 weeks and 2 days to prepare. Twins nonetheless.

ok, I think I've totally rambled on and on here. But what I'm saying is that the weekend is over. Phew! It's not easy taking care of two such demanding personality types. Eddie's terrible twos don't help one bit either. I guess it's just one day at a time right? I think I can get through this. I might need a lot more hair dye though. These kids are giving me grays. And it's making me look older.

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