Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pink Eye, pink sheets, & pink socks!

Over the past two weeks each of my children has had pink eye. Eddie was lucky enough to pick it up first, and ever so gracious to share it with his baby sister. Of course there are a few days in between where they both seemed fine.

I had taken him to the Dr. to get a prescription, and yes his eyes did clear up quite quickly. But what fun it was to chase them down, and administer the torturous eye drops. Eddie and Alexa would both scream bloody murder.

After several days had passed and just as Alexa seemed to be in the clear, she wasn't. Her eyes started to cloud up, goop up, or shall we say she had.... "mucousy drainage." Yuck. My poor little girl. We, no wait, there is no we in this, I stripped the sheets, and pillowcases and towels and washed them all (in hot water, soap and bleach). Ugh! And still. I guess it's a lot harder than I thought to get them from sticking those fingers and hands into their faces and rubbing their little eyes. Bummer.

So now the weekend is over. The laundry is done. And it does seem that the eyes all around look better. I had to do quite a few loads, as after each use of the towels, I did not want to take the chance of passing it back and forth again, or worse to ME! (or dear husband). But the only casualties were my sheets. In doing like the 7th load (or something silly like that) I had the sheets and the towels in there, and I put the cycle on for a large load, a little bleach, some Tide and hot water. Now, it wasn't a terribly large amount. I didn't measure it, but I just didn't think it was going to do what it did. For the life of me, this doesn't make any sense. My sheets came out pink. Yes pink. They were lilac to start with. Come on! I didn't put that much bleach in there. I swear!

Now, I have poured huge amounts of bleach directly onto socks that belonged to my step-daughter and my step-son, quite some time ago when doing their laundry. And then I would proceed to pour a good healthy amount into the washer and try to bleach some white into the socks that were already supposed to be white. And do you know what? They came out the exact same color. Dingy, earthy, and not at all white. Maybe sidewalk white. But not white. Not from all that bleach. So in my experience, even large amounts of bleach don't really work on whites. But ah! Here in lies my mistake. I was not washing whites! Only "lights". So I didn't really think a small amount of bleach would make my favorite 400 thread count lilac sheets pink. *tsk, tsk.*

I'm a dork. Now I need new sheets. They don't look right. Oh, and on another related note, but totally different load of clothes. I am not sure what happened. I may have washed some colors with a pair of white socks. Oh, ok, I accidentally threw in a pair of my white socks into the color wash load. I had a lovely fuschia (very pink) top in there and it bled all over my socks. Nothing else. Why couldn't it bleed all over the other pink stuff? Or the dark brown pants? No. it found the poor helpless white socks and beat the crud out of them. They look horrible. Poor socks. It was really not my day to be doing laundry. I think I'm going to take a laundry break.

And on a fun note, we took the kids to Buckelew Farms pumpkin patch. We got to ride a horse drawn carriage and go out and pick our own pumpkins. It was pretty fun, even if daddy was trying to scare us by picking at spiders he found amongst the vines. I think we might have needed a few extra hands as it was a little bit tricky navigating the fields with two little ones and carrying two pumpkins. Thankfully Ed did the tough part. We made it out of there in one piece and the kids were pooped. They both fell asleep in the car and we came home for lunch! Here are a few pics from today!

Oh yeah...forgot to mention that we went to Eddie's daycare on Saturday for some pumpkin festival. They had games, a bounce house, face painting and other fun stuff that Eddie didn't really want any part of. I took his shoes off and threw him in the bounce house. To which he quickly responded by sliding backwards out of it and screaming "Nooooooooo!!" Oh man, is he going to get the hang of it??? He was also scared of the ladies that were face painting. And although I'm sure he would have thought it was cool if mommy put a pumpkin or a spider web drawing on his face, he definitely was not going to get close to those women! Silly boy!

Here are a couple pics from Saturday as well:

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