Thursday, February 26, 2009

Let's see how fast I can blog.

Normally, I like to think and think and edit and spell check and paste cute pictures when I blog. And most times this can be very time consuming. I wish I could just not think too much and just blog whatever might happen to pop into my mind. I'm going to try that tonight.

Today while I was at the mall, I purchased a cute pair of heels. The original price was 120.00 dollars. There is no way, ever that I would have paid that much for a pair of shoes. But honestly, when I tell you that they were about 70% off and then an additional 40% off today, it should make you gasp when I say that their price out the door was 20 bucks. I love them. I didn't take a picture of them, but I love them. Sorry, that's what happens when you blog from the cuff. I'm just going with the flow.

So when I get home, I try on my shoes. Er. Um. Pff. Oh no. The left one doesn't fit. Please, oh please oh please don't tell me..... I pick up the shoe and turn it over. Size 8. CRAP!! I don't wear a size 8. Nope. Close, but no cigar. Silly me. I only tried on the right shoe in the store. It was a perfect size 8 1/2. Now. What are the chances that there is another one just laying around? About slim to none.

You know what happened right? One of those weird people with the longer foot that the other, stole my size 8 1/2 and left me the smaller one. There wasn't another pair to be found. I wept right there on the spot. It's a shame. And you know how many people in shoe stores ring you up and check the sizes right? They all usually do. Well not today sister. It didn't happen. We could have nipped this in the bud. But noooo, they weren't entirely efficient today. Now I have to go back and return the shoes. I am quite certain I won't find the missing shoe. Or even another size 8 1/2, they were really cute shoes.

OK. I'm blogging, but I have to cut my time short. You see, I have a head full of chemicals that I haphazardly threw up on my strands in attempts to brighten up the place up there. Oh yeah, and the greys are coming in too. I'm cursed with those. Yes. Sadly. But I deal. So I buy a box every now and again and go to town.

Not wanting to frighten my children, I waited until they were sleeping this time. Last time when I colored my hair, I think I may have scarred them for life. It's not a pretty site you see, me and all this chemically goopy goop and stuff up there. Oh and it smells pretty strong too. Even the cat won't get near me. But you gotta do what you gotta do. The dh is coming to town and I can't have him seeing me looking all OLD and stuff.

So, just wanted to express myself. Wanted to blog, wanted to vent a bit about the shoes. Although I don't think that this situation will be rectified unless I buy something new, cute, or even better to replace it. So off I go, I shall let you know if I succeed. I have to at least try.

Time to rinse. Ciao peeps~


Blythe said...

Oh dear, that shoe situation is dire. I certainly hope that there is a beautiful, lost, lonely 8 1/2 shoe waiting to go home with you!

♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

Oh no!!
You def have to let us know if you were able to get the other one or another size 8 1/2!!
Im so sorry...I hate when stuff like that happens!

Laural Out Loud said...

I've had that happen before! And I didn't find another shoe to match my size when I took them back. It was so so sad to leave that store without them. I hope you have better luck than I did!