Sunday, August 26, 2007

Someone tell this kid to go to sleep!

My back is itchy, it’s got little baby hairs all over it, (I’ll explain in a moment) and my little booger won’t come out from underneath the computer. I’m sure she might have actually been tired around this time had my father not sang her “row, row, row your boat” like 100 times. He made her fall asleep. Or maybe he squished her and she passed out in his arms. lol….or maybe she got overheated. He’s always hot. So maybe the heat and the repetition lulled her into a deep semi-comatose state. Anyway, she slept when normally she would not. It was like 5:30 or so and we had just finished with some dinner at my mom’s house.

Lord that woman can cook. I’d be lucky enough one day to maybe remember a few things that she makes. I think my husband will like me more if I do. Poor thing, I don’t feed him enough. (according to my mother) He is still pretty thin. We had a lovely beef brisket that was ever so tender, home cooked pinto beans with yellow rice, and a crisp fresh salad with feta cheese. Yum! There is just something that my mother does to her food to make it taste just out of this world. I think she laces it with cocaine. No. I’m kidding. She’s just a good cook. I think she went to some cooking school like many moons ago. But I’m totally loving it. Oh. Except for the raisin bread thing. Now, don’t get me wrong. I can stand to eat raisins, just not with anything else. I like my raisins alone. Yes. I know. I’m weird. I honestly can’t help that. It’s funny though. That inside of that, what was it called?? Raisin bread? Rice pudding bread? Cake? I don’t know. I’d have to call my mom to ask her. Well, inside of that bread thing she made, she told me that she didn’t put in very many raisins. I said, “good.” Well in the slice that she gave me, I had just about the entirety. No. I’m not kidding. And super picky me, I pulled out every darn one of them. Mostly while my son was demanding that I give him some ice cream (in between picking out raisins, taking a small cautious bite for me and giving my son some ice cream that was layered over the top of this cake thing.) Ok, now in the piece that my brother got, I believe he said he had like 1 raisin. My dad also got 1 raisin. And me?? yes, mine was saturated. And my father looked longingly at the raisin covered napkin in front of me. Poor dad. My mother just rolled her eyes at me. Sorry mom. I tried to get my son to eat them. He wanted no part of that.

{{just like mommy}}

Well, I’m still itching. Mom is also an amateur hairstylist. ( I know you are wondering how those two statements are even remotely related to one another.) I’ll get to that soon. Now I say amateur only because she doesn’t now nor has she ever worked in a hair salon. She does however, have her cosmetology license. So she has been doing some side work through the years, like say since the early 70’s. She’s given my brother a number of handsome chili-bowl cuts, and also given me and my sister some straight edge bang jobs. Not so cute on an adult though ‘eh?? I had to find a new stylist. She likes to do what she likes to do. And although she’s never ruined my hair or made any of it fall out. I think I really like to have other people cut my hair now. I’m grown, I think I can handle it. ok, I’m straying from my point though. I took my 2 year old son over to have his hair trimmed. She does a fabulous job on him. And boy does he ever look handsome! I’ll have to learn how to post some pics in this blog soon. I absolutely need to show off my babes. So here’s where the little hairs come in. As parent, guardian, mom, I must sit with the little man in my lap while she trims and I help to steady his head. And now, all of the little hairs have made their way to my lap, arms, hands, feet and I’m not quite sure how they got down my shirt or on my back, but I can feel those little itchy things all over me and I am about to go nuts. I need to get in the shower and wash them off like ASAP! Now I totally understand why my dear husband must get right into the shower when he gets home from any and all haircut trips. (I don’t plan on disclosing this information, I’m just going to try and shower quietly.)

I put her in her crib. My computer is right next to her bed. She likes it when I’m in here with her. I think she also falls to sleep easily when she knows I’m right next to her. yay, I think sleep may be coming soon. Nope. I was wrong. She cries. Oh I don’t think this is a good sign. Maybe she wants some more milk?? Of course. Wouldn’t you want some more milk if you were her? And you were about to go nighty night? Milky poo for you? baby, waby?? mommy will get it…. hold on…..
gotta run! Duty calls~

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