Saturday, August 25, 2007

How do you get paint off your fingers?

Right now I have a lovely shade of grape frost on my right index finger. Not so easy to come off since it’s not Crayola wonder paints. I took on a small project that involved sanding a few pieces of wood furniture and masking the rest up so as not to get paint on the other parts.

I would absolutely say that I did not do as fine a job as my brother would have done. But I’m thinking, it’ll do. Painting round ball knobs on little chairs is not as easy as it would seem. But I like the color, despite what my mother and my husband think. They really wanted me to leave well enough alone.

It’s kind of scary actually how much my husband acts like my mother sometimes. It’s eerie. But I like him, so I think I’ll keep him. Not to mention the fact that he made dinner while I was outside sanding the wood. Neat trick huh? I go outside and play with sandpaper and paint, and he stays inside with the baby and he cooks.

I love it.

Now Miss Alexa ate as much as a 3 year old might. (I’m guessing here, since I do not have a 3 year old to compare to.) She kept screaming when she would run out. She would let out this shrill scream and point to the bowl of pasta and spaghetti sauce on the table. I’d cut up the pasta and eat a few bites of my own… only to be beckoned to her call once more.

I really ought to put her on my right side, since that ear is already mostly broken anyway. Now, the reason I didn’t put her bowl in front of her is because she would immediately dump the entire contents onto the floor. I think that she likes to feel the bowl full of food. Something about the way it looks as it’s hurled helplessly into the kitchen. She has a lot of power in those tiny fingers and hands. It also makes a lovely mess, either on the kithcen floor or on the carpet nearby. She always seems pleased with herself. So we don’t give her plates anymore. She gets pieces at a time. And that young lady is turning into quite the chow hound.

That’s awful huh? Comparing my darling baby girl to a dog. She’d make a cute puppy though! Well anyway, I ate dinner with paint on my finger and I’ve already tried washing it off, scrubbing it and rubbing it over and over. Now it just feels kind of sensitive from all the scraping. It’s still on there and I’m not really done with the painting. I still have to do the little foot pieces of the chair. They came out kind of ugly. Guess I’ll have to fix that tomorrow.

I can’t stay up too late tonight as I didn’t sleep well last night. (totally Alexa’s fault) She’s teething and I think tooth #4 has her pretty cranked up at night. Can someone tell me why the teething is worse at night? why can’t it bother them in the day and let them sleep peacefully at night? Or is that just like, um…… not! ever going to happen. Maybe in fantasy land.

Oh and my back hurts. I better go and put the food away. I think that’s one of our trade offs. My husband cooks, then I go in there and clean the stuff up. I try that sometimes. I cook (but sometimes not as often and sometimes not as good) and then I try to get him to do the dishes. He sometimes just forgets. He’s not real big on dishes. Maybe he forgets on purpose. I bet. Well, once again it is night time and the kiddos are in bed. It’s nearly 8 p.m. and there are many chores yet to be done.
Chores. ok pa! I’ll get right on that! Right after I say g’nite to ma~
We’ll chat some more tomorrow

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