Friday, August 24, 2007

I made it through the day.

Yee haw. I got another one in. I think these days I’m beginning to lose my mind. I like to hear the rain on my daughter’s “noise machine” and just pretend I’m going to be falling asleep soon. Really, I’d like to crawl up next to her in the crib and let someone else take care of me for the next 6 months or so. It’s so much easier than being the mom.

I think I watched Monster’s Inc twice today, and Aladdin once. I managed to get both children down for a nap at the same time. Other mother’s out there will attest to the fact that that is an awesome accomplishment. During that time I did not slug down a Corona nor did I take a little siesta. (Maybe I should have done both). What fun and exciting thing did I do?? I folded laundry. Kids laundry. I picked up toys that were rocketed to all corners of the living room and dining room by my son. Toys that weren’t toys mind you. My son thinks it’s his purpose in life to play with all of my “cooking tools” as he so lovingly refers to them. It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s always cooler than what I can buy from Tonka, Little Tikes and Playskool. Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby! He loves my spatulas, my pie/cake slicer, my beater blender thingies and of course we mustn’t forget the can opener. I can’t keep him out of those drawers. It took my husband almost 6 months to insert the drawer locks for the other cabinets, so if I start on him now, maybe by the time Eddie is three they will be in. Oh yeah, I also loaded the dishwasher. Big whoop. They’ll all be dirty again in a matter of hours.

I did manage to sit down for about 40 minutes during Days of Our Lives. So what’s up with Sami and E.J?? Didn’t he like kidnap her or something? I mean, most people I know wouldn’t hang out with someone like that. Of course, maybe if someone like E.J. kidnapped me, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I only got to ponder the new characters for such a short time as I heard the bedroom door being thrown open. (There is no door stopper there because my husband is afraid my children will eat them, so he removed them all. ) And wouldn’t you know it, there are little slice marks where the door lock is and has repeatedly hit the wall. It’s like this in every room where the stoppers were removed from. Now he has to go back and fix the holes. lol…..

Men. I say let them eat them. I think those things are probably safer than some of the kids toys they play with. Half the darn things are being recalled lately for lead paint. So I’m all in for letting them suck on the door stoppers. After they realize it doesn’t taste all that good, then they’ll stop right?

Maybe. I’m still working on getting my two to stop gagging themselves. I’ll have to post more on that one later. I used to have to put socks on Eddie’s hands to make him quit. Now because Alexa is testing the waters there, he figures that there might be something to that after all and he is revisiting the whole deal. Lord give me patience.

I think I could go on for hours more, but my dear husband needs me to tuck him in. Or clean something. I’m just kidding. He knows better. I am tired and believe it or not, it’s only 8:25. The monkeys refuse to sleep past 6 a.m. What I wouldn’t give to sleep in. I really do miss those days.

Not even Ambien can help me now. (for those of you not familiar with Ambien, it is a lovely little pill that helps you to fall asleep and maintain a restful state)

disclaimer: {{I am not in any way advocating drug usage on this site, nor do I use drugs or associate with those who do. Drug usage and over usage can be a very bad thing. Not all drug usage is bad however, I have been known to take an aspirin from time to time. So please do not take my drug comments to heart. }}

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