Friday, April 11, 2008

64 days and counting...

Until we take our 5 suitcases, 2 car seats, 1 stroller, 4 carry on bags, 2 children (neither of which are completely potty trained as of this posting) and board a plane for Chile. 64 days. That's not a whole lot of time to wrap things up here. And then again we have a WHOLE lot less time to say goodbye to our things. And one of those things being a living breathing animal.

In a sense I guess I should be feeling some amount of relief. Especially with the market being as terrible as it currently is. It's been a year long battle that we just did not win. We did manage to secure a renter. One who has a lot of potential to come through for us and eventually purchase our home. In the meantime, we will have someone live here and pay rent. We shall find out in about 10 months time. I will remain ever hopeful.

So like I said, we have a very short time span in which to vacate the premises. In 19 days we will be out of this house. The movers will come and turn our lives upside down. Or so it may seem to me. They will tear through here with their boxes and packing papers, some skillfully handling our belongings. Others may wisk through the process with speed and disregard for our personal items most of those having sweet memories attached to them. No matter how it's done, every last spec will be crammed into carboard, taped shut and loaded into a crate. Unfortunately I am told that an overseas move is not a speedy one. At least it won't be for our household things. I am to speculate on the amount of clothing that I and my two children will need. Both for summer here in Arizona, and for winter in Chile when we get there. Instead of packing for one climate, we need to think ahead for two.

My sweet darling kitty will also be in a temporary living situation. The wonderful people who will be moving in have agreed to take him in. As it turns out, the woman is a cat lover and my cat reminds her of a cat she used to have. Interesting thing that is. So, I know he will be in good hands. I will miss him terribly. I just feel that it is what is best for him and for us. I hate the thought of him having a cross continental flight in the belly of the plane, both there and back. I think that's a great amount of stress for him, and for me. Not to mention that we will be in a hotel for several weeks time. (also another stressor) With a cat we would have had to change hotels and find one that accepts pets. So now this way, we don't have to do that.

Also my Eddie turns 3 amidst the chaos! The movers will arrive one day before his big party and we will be packing, partying, and then packing some more. I can't even imagine what the kids and especially Eddie is going to think of all of this. My Aunt is coming in town to visit me and the family before we leave. So this too will be a nice visit for us all.

And one last thing. We are moving in with my parents. From May 1st until our plane takes off, we will effectively be homeless. But my loving parents have agreed to have us stay there. The best part about that is that the kids will get an overdose of the family. And the second best thing is that it will be FREE. I love FREE. Right now, we need to concentrate on saving as much as possible for the move. And my family is very close. Which is why we all agreed on it.

Anyway, dh comes home tomorrow. The chaos of the week and all of the things on the to-do list are closing in. I just need to try and enjoy the weekend. Devon left (in case I didn't mention my step-son's impromptu visit).Oh yeah...... and I'm losing my car on May 1st too. Dh is driving it to the port in San Diego and dropping it off to be shipped over as well.

All of our household goods, car included, will take 60-70 days to get there. Fun. Bring it on baby! Bring it on! Which also reminds me......back to my spanish lessons. I keep putting that off. lol~Oh yeah... here's a picture of Devon and Eddie from last night. Posing~

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