Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy Labor Day. I think.

Of course it's way too early to care about that right now. My baby girl is having tooth issues. It's the second time that I've been awake, and out of my bed to comfort her. Ah.... mommyhood. I love her messy little head. You other mommies know what I'm talking about. When you get to them in the middle of the night and their hair goes in 8 different directions. It's flipped to one side and sticking out on top and in the back.

I'm thinking that Monday is Labor Day. Yay. That means that my husband had a 4 day weekend. Gotta love those long weekends. Well, I need to take some new pictures of the kids and post them. They seem to be growing more and more every day.

I'm just way too tired to function right now. In fact, maybe I am really sleeping as I type. I mean, I could do that you know. I am after all, a multi-tasker. Shame I didn't multi-task that large stack of dishes still taunting me in the kitchen. Or the pile of clothes that mocks me sitting on the counter. (Mind you.... they are all folded at least.)

I still have a million things to do. Eddie made a huge mess of Alexa's closet. I have to clean that up, and then there's my big project: Getting some auctions going on ebay! It's going to be huge as I have quite the inventory to start with.

Well at least I can look at the bright side: My mom and dad are bbq'ing tomorrow. Delicious! Can't wait. Oh and I think I just realized that we have about 8 months and some weeks left in the United States. So much to do. And our house hasn't even shown one time. Can you say, "Bummer?"

I am going to try and sneak back to my bed now. I think that will be the official "cue" for my daughter to awaken from her sweet slumber and say.... "Oh no you didn't....." And then she will scream for me to come back. Even though at the moment she is quietly sleeping. As soon as my physical presence moves more than 3 feet away from her, the mommy sensor in her little body goes off. She stirs. She cries, and sometimes even throws herself defiantly on the floor when I walk away. (not from the crib, but anytime I move out of her reach) So somehow, she knows when I am not there. Let's hope this sleep is a lasting one. I'm really tired.

Can't wait til' tooth #4 gets here. I need some rest. She's been a crank lately. Going to make a try for my bed.....Wish me luck!

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